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School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

School of Business Administration

Elliott Hall, Room 427
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485
(location map)

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Business Ambassadors

A dedicated team of student leaders, Oakland Business Ambassadors represent the OU School of Business Administration at events across the campus and community. You can find Business Ambassadors at recruiting, orientation, alumni, career and business leader events.

Business Ambassadors are a vital resource for current and prospective business students and their families. Business Ambassadors also serve as members of the Advisory Board for the Business School Dean and Associate Dean.

Meet the Ambassadors

The current team of Business Ambassador include students representing all of the business majors as well as a host of different backgrounds and life stories.

Business Ambassadors
Business Ambassador Alicia HartAlicia

Major: Pre-Business/HR Management
Minor: HR Development

Campus involvement: Honors College, Emerging Leaders, Business Ambassador

Most interesting aspect of the OU business program: The ability to explore each of the business disciplines before deciding on a major.

Why major in business: I love being working with others and it is fun to network with new classmates.
Business Ambassador, Jenna ReinertJenna

Major: Accounting
Minor: Business Analytics, Economics

Campus involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College, OASIS, Business Ambassador, Honors College Ambassador, former participant in Ideas2Business program

Why Oakland University: I originally chose Oakland University because of how close it was to home. Once I got on campus, I loved how small the university is in comparison to others because of how easy it is to meet new people and get involved.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: I like all the opportunities the OU Business School provides for students, such as career help, networking opportunities, scholarships, and real-world applications of business concepts like the I2B program.
Business Ambassador, JordanJordan

Major: Marketing
Minor: Music

Campus involvement: Guitar Ensemble, Honors College, Business Ambassador

Why Oakland University: Oakland University offers a great sense of community and home. Everyone on campus is very polite, friendly and inclusive.

Why major in business: I wanted a major that would be interesting to me and help set me up for law school.
Business Ambassador, MayMay

Major: Business and Piano Performance

Campus involvement: Women in Business, K-Pop Club, Honors College, Business Ambassador, Business Honors

Why major in business: When I took a marketing and advertising class in high school, I really enjoyed the class. I like the aspect of helping people, and business seemed like a pretty good choice.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: As a member of the Business Honors Program, I like that it is a small group of people who will grow closer over the next few years. The Business Career Services team is also phenomenal. I went in for resume help and they were extremely helpful.
Business Ambassador, MustafaMustafa

Major: Pre-Business

Campus involvement: Muslim Student Association, Grizz Pantry Volunteer, Business Ambassador

Lessons from internships: A high school internship taught me communication skills, working with professionals across the district and experiencing life in an office. I hope to have a college internship in my junior and/or senior year.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: It is cool there are many options and internship opportunities in the OU School of Business. Being able to network with professionals while taking classes that help you with your future career is a great thing. I also like how, even though student organizations tie in with what major or minors a person pursues, anyone is welcome to attend and explore.
Erin McElreath Business ScholarErin

Major: Marketing

Campus involvement: Business Ambassadors, Business Scholars and Business Transfer Students

Why Oakland University: I decided to attend OU for its academics, transfer student program and campus involvement opportunities.

Why business major: Majoring in business perfectly integrates my passion for analytics and creativity.
Lisa is an OU Business AmbassadorLisa

Major: Management Information Systems

Campus involvement: Association for Information Technology and Business Ambassadors

Why Oakland University: I chose Oakland University because I wanted to stay closer to family and attend one of the best business schools in the state.

Why business major: I chose to major in Business, and more specifically Management Information Systems, because I noticed that I have a driving passion for influencing the world of technology in more ways than one. I am also very analytical, yet creative, so it gives me a great place to be both.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: The most interesting aspect of the business program is the level of student to faculty interaction. We have an amazing hands on faculty that is always available for help when needed.

Major: Accounting
Minor: Criminal Justice

Campus involvement: Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Women in Business and Business Ambassadors

Why Oakland University: Most of my family are OU alumni, which helped me lean towards OU. Once I started school, I saw how diverse the campus is and discovered all the great ways to get involved.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: I love how inclusive the business school is! It is so diverse. No two students are the same. We all have different experiences that we bring to the school. Everyone wants to help each other. All the class options create well-rounded students.


Major: Pre-Business/Accounting

Campus involvement: Women in Business (WIB), WIB mentorship program, OASIS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College, teaching assistant for HC 1000 and Business Ambassadors

Why Oakland University: I chose Oakland University because it is close to home and it has a good business school.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: The wide variety of services available and the numerous opportunities to get involved.

Why major in business: There are lots of opportunities in business. There is a lot of job security associated with the accounting field specifically.

Major: Management Information Systems

Campus involvement: Association for Information Systems, American Red Cross Club, Outdoor Adventure Club and Business Ambassadors

Why Oakland University: I chose Oakland because after touring many colleges, Oakland felt like home.

Most interesting aspect of the business program: I found it interesting that many of the pre-core and core classes give you a well-rounded taste of each area of study. This was helpful to me as I was undecided for a long time. In addition to this, there are many business-related events that helped shaped my major decision.

Why major in business: I chose to major in MIS because it is a blend of the business and technology worlds. There is a lot of opportunity with that mix.
OU Business Ambassador Reece, white female, long blonde hair, wearing black top, smiling at camera for professional headshotReece

Major: Human Resources Management

Motivation: Reece admired Oakland University’s student-centered focus, citing the School of Business Administration’s ACHIEVE program as one example. Through ACHIEVE, business students prepare for their careers with networking events and resume and interview practice.

“I find [ACHIEVE courses] extremely helpful when it comes to preparing students for the professional world of business.”

More: Reece practices her professional skills in her internship at Aquest Wealth Strategies and student organizations, like the Society for Human Resources Management and Women in Business.

“A business degree gives you the knowledge and skills that companies are looking for and that can translate across many roles and industries. Majoring in business also has helped my networking skills and leadership qualities.”

Major: Pre-business

Motivation: Studying business allows Kayla to turn her passions into a professional career.

“I chose to major in business because I am interested in math and the financial aspect of businesses.”

More: Kayla also stays connected on campus through the Growing Grizzlies.

“I really like the campus and the people.”
Business Ambassador Andrew, white male, wearing dark suit coat and dark tie, smiling at camera for professional headshotAndrew

Major: Accounting

Motivation: Andrew wanted to attend a university with a reputation he could trust, and Oakland University presented a great fit.

“I chose Oakland University because of its reputable business program and its highly regarded campus.”

More: Andrew is also a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society. He balances his business education with career preparation and professional networking through the many opportunities available at the business school.

“The business program provides resume reviews, mock interviews, networking with actual professionals, and so much more. All these opportunities and perspectives help me grow and learn as a business student.”

OU Business Ambassador Elizabeth, white female, blonde hair, glasses, wearing white shirt, looking at camera in professional headshotElizabeth

Major: Management Information Systems with a specialization in information security management

Motivation: Elizabeth fell in love with the close-knit community at Oakland University based on her sister’s “amazing experience.”

“I love the sense of community and the exceptional education as a business student that I gain from the outstanding faculty and excellent curriculum.”

More: She is growing her professional skills through the ACHIEVE program, which offers career guidance and growth. Elizabeth also builds campus connections through her student organization work with Mission Kindness, Women in Business, and the Association for Information Systems, as well as volunteering.

“[ACHIEVE] has helped me obtain invaluable information that will help me succeed in my career and allowed me to meet with working professionals, who have given me great insight and advice.”
Business Ambassador Zane, white male, dark hair, wearing white suite and blue striped tie smiling at camera for professional headshot.Zane

Major: Management Information Systems

Motivation: Zane values the opportunities to grow through Oakland University’s “interconnected” student organizations.

“I chose Oakland because of its strong cybersecurity program and for the many awesome academic opportunities at Oakland.”

More: Zane also finds support with other students who share his studies as a member of the Association for Information Society.

“I chose my major because of how interesting it is to me, and the many opportunities there are in the field.”


Major: Human Resources Management
Minor: Management Information Systems

Motivation: Oakland University is home to a diverse community. The opportunity to meet new people and make connections is an interesting aspect to OU’s business program.

The people who I met in the summer before attending [OU] really cared about my questions and concerns that I had as a first year student, and it was amazing to know that I had resources.”

More: Kimberly also builds connections through the Society for Human Resource Management, Women in Business and Feminists of OU.

“Everyone has a different experience with things such as classes, professors and internships so the help we give each other is a powerful thing.”

Major: Pre-business

Motivation: Kyle plans to turn his passion for math and customer service into a career by studying business at Oakland University.

“[In my summer job at a small business] I a lot about how to run a business and the steps that are needed to have the business run smoothly, especially in times of stress and surprises.”

More: As a member of the Finance Management Association and the Honors College, Kyle has discovered “countless events and programs provided for the students.”

Major: Operations Management

Motivation: Victoria appreciates Oakland University’s active atmosphere, where students “never feel alone.” The array of organizations, including the Business Ambassadors Program, give students a community.

“I love being in a team role and I love the opportunity to lead when provided.”

More: Through the Business Ambassadors Program, Women in Business and the Society of Operations Management, Victoria is gaining hands-on management experience.

“Planning and organization is the most interesting [aspect]. Sometimes you don't get to see all the behind the scenes of how or why things operate.”
Allyson, business ambassadorAllyson

Major: Human Resources Management

Motivation: Looking for an “adventure,” Allyson moved to the area to enroll at Oakland University.

“[Oakland University] was a new experience for me. I love how beautiful the campus is and how wonderful the people are.”

More: Allyson appreciates hearing people’s “stories,” building personal and professional connections.

“The most interesting aspect of the business program is the diversity. There are so many different people in the business program… I love listening to everyone's journey and getting to know the people in my business classes.”
Become an Ambassador

Undergraduate business students interested in being a Business Ambassador must apply for the program.

Students selected as Business Ambassadors develop skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Group dynamics
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation development

To qualify for the program you must:

  • Have attended OU in the previous semester
  • Be familiar with Oakland University
  • Be a pre-business or business major
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Commit to at least four volunteer events in both fall AND winter terms which may include nights and weekends, as well as semester trainings

Fall 2022-Winter 2023 Ambassador recruitment will begin in January 2022