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Operations Management

Operations management is about getting things done effectively and efficiently in organizations. All organizations have an operations function. Operations managers work in managing manufacturing processes or managing the delivery of a service to a customer. Operations Management provides a strong managerial and technical education to students interested in the field including manufacturing planning and control, supply-chain, service, project, process and quality management.

Operations Management Major

An Operations Management major prepares students with the fundamental knowledge they need to work effectively in operations in manufacturing and service sectors, providing them with advanced knowledge about the best practices, current technologies and tools, and the leadership skills necessary to operate in a globally diverse and competitive marketplace.

Increase your scope of knowledge and expertise by adding one of three specializations available in this major: Supply Chain Management, Lean and Quality Management, and Project Management.

The Supply Chain Management Specialization focuses on the management of processes and complex relationships among organizations; which typically have different cultures, goals and strategies. Areas covered include planning and design for supply chains (SC), production processes, SC risks, procurement in the traditional and global contexts, distribution in SC and deployment of information technology to facilitate SC operations.

The Lean and Quality Management Specialization focuses on the complementary and interdependent subjects of Lean and Quality Management. This specialization examines strategies pursued in order to attain objectives including productivity enhancement, waste reduction, and quality improvements. The set of courses comprising this specialization emphasize organizational efforts toward a customer-driven philosophy for organization-wide continuous improvement efforts.

The Project Management Specialization focuses on the ten knowledge management areas comprising the project management body of knowledge. These ten knowledge management areas include project integration, scope, human resource, time, cost, quality, risk, procurement, communications, and stakeholder management. The set of courses comprising this specialization emphasize the skills and techniques necessary to successfully lead and manage projects.

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T.J. Wharton
Faculty adviser - Major with No Specialization

Henry Aigbedo
Faculty adviser - Supply Chain Management Specialization

T.J. Wharton
Faculty adviser - Lean and Quality Management Specialization

Eugene Fliedner
Faculty adviser - Project Management Specialization
Operations Management Minor

An Operations Management minor offers students the opportunity to enhance their major with knowledge in operational design and control, including forecasting, planning and quality assurance. An Operations Management minor can position graduates for positions in areas such as procurement, logistics, quality assurance, process improvement, inventory and more.

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Henry Aigbedo
Coordinator Operations Management Minor

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