Stay in the know of the important dates, including academic, monetary and testing dates, with Oakland University's Office of Registrar's semester academic calendars.

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The Office of the Registrar is responsible for OU's semester calendars and important dates. Be sure to review these calendars regularly so you know when classes start, the last day to drop, withdraw and repeat courses, important payments and cancellation dates, and more.

Final Exams
Notes to Faculty/Department:
Faculty Guidance for Exams and Final Exams  
Final exams are generally held in the regular classroom, but at different times. Plan ahead for finals. Below are schedules of the final exam dates and times. 
If your class meeting time is not listed in the final exam schedule  please review the Faculty Guidance for Exams and Final Exams, if a final exam needs to be scheduled please submit the Final Exam Request Form .  
Students should contact your instructor for final exam information. 

Students with more than three exams in one day

No student is required to take more than three examinations during any one day of the final examination period. Students who have more than two examinations scheduled during one calendar day during the final examination period may take their class schedules to the Dean’s Office in the College/School for assistance in arranging for an alternate time for the last of the three examinations.

Prior week testing

Faculty members are prohibited from giving in-class or online examinations or tests that are in-lieu of final examinations during the last 7 calendar days prior to the start of the final examination period of any fall or winter semester, the last 3 calendar days of any seven-week session, and an appropriately adjusted number of days for other parts-of-term. This policy also covers quizzes if the particular quiz accounts for more than 10% of the course grade. Homework assignments, term projects, presentations, laboratory exams or reports, and short quizzes (quizzes worth less than or equal to 10% of the course grade) are not covered by this policy. Violation of this policy will be first referred to the Dean of the academic unit that offers the course. A student may contact the Academic Affairs Office if the issue is not resolved by the academic unit. Faculty members are urged to keep heavy end-of-term student workload in mind when assigning short quizzes or other tests during the periods noted above.

Religious holiday conflict

Since final examination schedules may sometimes conflict with religious holidays, the University Senate approved a resolution stating that, “When such conflicts are unavoidable because of other scheduled requirements, alternative arrangements may be made informally, or students may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs in writing for permission to take their examinations at other times.”

Emergency weather closure

If the university should close due to inclement weather or other emergency, any missed examination periods or days will be made up in sequence on the first day or days after the end of the originally scheduled final examination period. Rescheduled exams will take place at the same times and in the same places as originally scheduled. No exams will be rescheduled on Sunday.