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Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

No longer the exclusive domain of IT professionals, employers are seeking professionals across disciplines who can harness data to solve business problems. From automotive and financial services to marketing, human resources and education, career opportunities abound for those who understand how to leverage the power of data to improve business processes.


In this program, students will explore a range of quantitative and computational techniques that have wide use in today’s data-driven business world. Analytics includes things like statistical analysis, data visualization, mathematical modeling, management science, data mining, predictive analytics, data science, econometrics, scientific computing, data preparation and cleaning, data warehousing and business intelligence. The program includes five courses (15 credits).

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Full-time plan of study

The program includes three required courses and two electives from an approved list of courses. The specific courses are listed below.

Fall 1
MIS 5460 Business Analytics

Winter 1
MIS 5470 Practical Computing for Data Analytics
MIS 5560 Decision Support Systems

Summer 1

Fall II
Elective (if needed)

Electives (choose two)
MIS 5140 Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses*
MIS 5500 Web Analytics
POM 5410 Operations Analytics
QMM 6400 Management Science
ECN 5050 Econometrics
STA 5001 or above

* Students with sufficient database background through prior course work or experience may take MIS 6060 Advanced Databases and Big Data Management course with instructor permission.

Students are expected to have some background in statistics through one or more courses from their undergraduate degree. Students lacking this knowledge will be required to take the foundation course QMM 5100 Quantitative Methods for Managers. The foundation course will not count toward the certificate program. The foundation course requirement will be waived for students with the required background.


This program is ideal for the working professional in any field who is looking to gain knowledge in business analytics. Students must possess a bachelor’s degree to enroll.

How to Apply
Admission Requirements
Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution.

How to Apply