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Tuition and COA

Oakland University does not have any hidden fees. In fact, OU is the only public university in Michigan that doesn't charge fees. The cost you see for tuition and on-campus housing, if applicable, is what you will pay. It is important though to think about the total billable and non-billable expenses of attending college, such as living off campus or with parents, textbooks, and transportation. The cost of books, materials, supplies, and equipment will vary depending on the courses you take; please see OU's Cost of Attendance charts below for more information and estimates. 

Academic Year 2023 - 2024 Tuition Rates

Undergraduate Tuition

OU's cost per credit hour differs depending on your residency and class standing.

BASE TUITION RATES apply to courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education and Human Services.

  • Lower-division rates apply to freshmen and sophomores with fewer than 56 credits, and non-matriculating (non-degree seeking) students.
  • Upper-division rates apply to juniors and seniors with 56 or more credits, students who have earned undergraduate degrees and are admitted to OU for a second undergraduate degree program, all students with post-bachelor admission status, and guest students from other colleges.
  • Non-resident tuition rates apply to non-Michigan residents and are also based on upper- and lower-division status.

College of Arts and Sciences Courses
Lower Division $507.50
Upper Division $587.75

School of Education and Human Services Courses
Lower Division $507.50
Upper Division $587.75

Lower Division $795.75
Upper Division $853.25

Some programs follow alternate tuition structures, including:
Oakland University - RN to BSN Program cost is a flat rate of $9,995.

*Some online programs are approved for in-state tuition.

DIFFERENTIAL TUITION RATES apply to courses offered by the School of Business Administration, School of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Health Sciences and School of Nursing.

  • Course numbers determine tuition rates in the academic units with differential tuition: courses 0001-2999 and courses 3000 and above.

School of Business Administration Courses
0001-2999 level courses $529.25
3000+ courses $622.25

School of Engineering and Computer Science Courses
0001-2999 level courses $540.25
3000+ courses $635.75

School of Health Sciences Courses
0001-2999 level courses $522.00
3000+ courses $610.25

School of Nursing Courses
0001-2999 level courses $534.75
3000+ courses $627.50

Graduate Tuition

Graduate students pay tuition at either in-state or non-resident rates. These rates apply to students admitted with special graduate, certification, master’s, post-master’s or second graduate degree status.

Graduate Level
In-state $871.50
Non-resident* $1,027.00

Doctoral student rates apply to students admitted with doctoral status.

Doctoral Level
In-state $876.75
Non-resident* $1,027.00

Some programs follow alternate tuition structures, including:

Nurse Anesthesia Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) $11,139/semester**

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine $59,096/year

Oakland University - Executive Masters of Business Administration $11,000/semester

*Some online programs are approved for in-state tuition.
** Incoming fall 2023 students

Notes about tuition

Terms and Conditions: By registering for courses or contracting for on-campus housing at Oakland University, students acknowledge they have read and accept Student Business Services’ Terms and Conditions.

New Tuition Rates: Tuition rates are set by the OU Board of Trustees each summer for the next school year. The board reserves the right to change any and all tuition rates when circumstances make such a change necessary.

Non-Resident Status: Non-resident students are required to pay non-resident tuition rates according to university policy referenced in university catalogs. Students classified as non-residents who believe they qualify for resident status should apply for reclassification 30 days before the beginning of a semester by completing an Application for Reclassification of Residence Status.

Non-Dischargeable Educational Benefits: Oakland University (“university”) may provide, extend or advance funds, credits and/or other financial accommodations to students, to be applied toward their tuition and/or charges, with the understanding that students will re-pay those amounts. All such amounts, other than scholarships, fellowships, stipends and/or tuition waivers, are loans and/or educational benefits which students must repay to the university together with late payment charges as established by the university. In consideration for allowing students to attend classes, students agree to repay the university for those loans and/or educational benefits and acknowledge that their repayment obligation is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance is the maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive for the term(s) included in the academic year. The financial aid offered cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance. Click the link below and choose the academic year you wish to view by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Cost of Attendance charts

Cost Comparison

Click the button below to view our cost comparison chart (for students enrolling for the first time in any college or FTIAC) during fiscal year 2022-2023.

Cost Comparison Chart