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Faculty and Staff

The College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff is comprised of a diverse group of widely talented individuals that are here to assist you as you pursue your academic goals here at Oakland University.

Office of the Dean

Elaine Carey
[email protected]
(248) 370-2140

Joseph Shively
Senior Associate Dean
[email protected]
(248) 370-2140

Elisabeth Hoegberg
Associate Dean and Director, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
[email protected]
(248) 370-2036

Fabia Battistuzzi
Associate Dean
[email protected]
248) 370-2140

Laura Culbert
Assistant Dean - Finance
[email protected]
(248) 370-2140

Beth Dawson
Assistant Dean - Curriculum
[email protected]
(248) 370-2140

Carrie Miller
Business Manager & Financial Analyst
[email protected]
(248) 370-2140

Christopher Ware
Computing & Instructional Resource Manager
[email protected]
(248) 370-2888

Christopher Delacruz
Office Assistant III
[email protected]
(248) 370-2140

Lynn Bernardi
Office Assistant III
[email protected]
(248) 370-2154

Dave Pemberton
Director of Communications and Marketing
[email protected]
(248) 370-2428

Lori Cicerone
Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(248) 370-2365

Traci Stefan
Office Assistant III
[email protected] 
(248) 370-2173

Kirsten Beyer
Executive Secretary
[email protected] 
(248) 370-4535

Development Office

Angela Robinson
Directory of Philanthropy
[email protected]
(248) 370-3183

Lori Posey
Development Associate
[email protected]
(248) 370-2650

The Ambassadors of the College of Arts and Sciences are committed to advancing the College's vision and mission - to provide a quality liberal studies education that will enrich students' lives and give them the tools they need to lead productive personal and professional lives.  The Ambassadors create a bridge between the College of Arts and Sciences and the community by generating increased awareness of the college's academic programs and community initiatives.

The current members of the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors are:

  • Barbara Anness, Rochester Community Schools
  • Shaquonda Bailey, Shay B. Beautiful LLC
  • Jeffrey Eberle
  • Robert L. Gebbie, Natural Bridge Technologies
  • Grant R. Gerhart, TACOM/tardec Army (retired)
  • Nihal Goonewardene
  • Jonthan Kane, Lion Labs Ltd
  • Renique Kersh, University of Illinois
  • Thomas E. Kimble, AARP of Michigan (retired)
  • Jonathan D. Parks, Wayne State University
  • Vito J. Pianello, First State Bank
  • Richard E. Rassel, Butzel Long
  • Lois Shaevsky
  • Tobye S. Stein, Co-op Financial Services (retired)
  • John D. Stoll

Ex Officio

  • Elaine K. Carey, Dean
  • Kelly Conway, Director of Philanthropy
  • Angela Robinson, Director of Philanthropy

College of Arts and Sciences Advising

100 Fitzgerald House
614 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-4567


College of Arts and Sciences
Dean's Office

Varner Hall, Room 217
371 Varner Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-4485
(location map)
(248) 370-2140
Fax: (248) 370-4280
[email protected]