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Varner Hall, Room 415
371 Varner Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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Faculty and Staff

The History faculty's widespread research endeavors meet all levels of student interest. With areas of focus reaching across the world, the global impact of the department is unmatched. We encourage you to reach out to our faculty and staff for further departmental involvement or one-on-one conversations.

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Getnet Bekele
Associate Professor
Modern Africa, Environment and Development, Identity, Conflict Studies
406 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3517
A headshot of Sara Chapman Williams.
Sara Chapman Williams
Associate Professor
Early Modern France and Europe, Early French Colonial History
414 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3526
Dan Clark photo
Daniel Clark
American Labor History, 20th-Century U.S. Social History
407 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3532
A headshot of Erin Dwyer.
Erin Dwyer
Associate Professor
19th-Century U.S., African-American History, Civil War and Reconstruction, Gender and Sexuality, Public History
408 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3519
Photo of Todd Estes
Todd Estes
American Revolution, Early National Period, Jacksonian America
468 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3534
headshot of Derek Hastings
Derek Hastings
Associate Professor
Modern Europe, Germany, Nationalism, Religion and Society
410D Varner Hall
(248) 370-3535
Photo of Yan Li
Yan Li
Associate Professor
Modern China, Sino-Soviet Relations, East Asia
411 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3536
Photo of Don Matthews
Weldon C. Matthews
Associate Professor
Modern Middle East, Nationalism
410B Varner Hall
(248) 370-3525
Photo of Karen Miller
Karen Miller
Associate Professor
U.S. Public Policy, Diplomatic and Economic History
413 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3512
Photo of George Milne
George Milne
Associate Professor
Early American History, Native American History
410A Varner Hall
(248) 370-3530
Photo of James Naus
James Naus
Associate Professor and Chair
Medieval Europe
416 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3531
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Jeffrey Powell
Special Lecturer
U.S. History, Early America, Modern Europe
466 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3521
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Cara Shelly
Special Lecturer
U.S. History, Michigan History
410C Varner Hall
(248) 370-3516
Photo of Liz Shesko
Elizabeth Shesko
Associate Professor
Latin American History, Race and Ethnicity
409 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3529
professional headshot of Andrea Wenz
Andrea Wenz
Assistant Professor
Early Modern Italy and Europe, Renaissance, Reformation
412 Varner Hall
(248) 370-3527
Professors Emeriti

Linda Benson
Professor Emerita

Carl Osthaus
Professor Emeritus

James D. Graham
Professor Emeritus

S. Bernard Thomas
Professor Emeritus 

Mary Karasch
Professor Emerita

Richard Tucker
Professor Emeritus 

De Witt S. Dykes Jr.
Professor Emeritus 

Nick DiPucchio
Administrative Secretary
415 Varner Hall
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In Memoriam
Charles W. Akers
Professor Emeritus

Leonardas Gerulaitis
Professor Emeritus

V. John Barnard
Professor Emeritus

W. Patrick Strauss
Professor Emeritus  

Jace Crouch
Special Lecturer

Anne Tripp
Professor Emerita 

Ronald C. Finucane
Distinguished Professor
Roy Kotynek
Professor Emeritus