Department of Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations

Wilson Hall, Room 316
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
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(248) 370-4120

General Department Questions:

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Faculty/Staff Directory

Our faculty are doers. They offer insights that come from years of significant academic and professional experience. They have presented research nationally and internationally. They work alongside local nonprofit and charitable organizations. They live and breathe messaging – from news to research to public relations – and look forward to helping students lay the foundation for their futures.

Full-Time Faculty
A head shot of Kathy Battles.
Kathy Battles
Professor & Chairperson
Office: 316 Wilson
(248) 370-4277
A head shot of Jacob Cayanus.
Jacob Cayanus
Associate Professor
Office: 322 Wilson
(248) 370-4987
A head shot of Rose Cooper.
Rose Cooper
Professor Emerita

A head shot of Scott Crabill.
Scott Crabill
Associate Professor
Office: 303 Wilson Hall
(248) 370-4132
A head shot of Thomas Discenna.
Thomas Discenna
Office: 326 Wilson
(248) 370-4128
A head shot of Rebekah Farrugia.
Rebekah Farrugia
Professor & Graduate Director
Office: 306 Wilson
(248) 370-2065
A headshot of Garry J. Gilbert.
Garry J. Gilbert
Adjunct Instructor & Journalism Interim Director
Office: 107 Vandenberg
(248) 370-2105
A headshot of Holly Shreve Gilbert.
Holly Shreve Gilbert
Adjunct Instructor & Senior Adviser for Journalism and Public Relations
Office: 315 Wilson
(248) 370-4138
A head shot of Kellie D. Hay.
Kellie D. Hay
Office: 304A Wilson
(248) 370-4133
A headshot of Jennifer Heisler.
Jennifer Heisler
Associate Professor
Office: 305A Wilson
(248) 370-4139
 A headshot of Brian Hlavaty.
Brian Hlavaty
Special Lecturer
Office: 119 Wilson Hall

A head shot of Sharon Howell.
Sharon Howell
Professor Emerita

A head shot of Zexin 'Marsha' Ma.
Zexin 'Marsha' Ma
Assistant Professor
Office: 110 East Vandenberg
(248) 370-4526
A headshot of S. Lily Mendoza.
S. Lily Mendoza
Office: 330 Wilson
(248) 370-2685
A headshot of Rebecca Mercado-Jones.
Rebecca Mercado Jones
Associate Professor
Office: 305 Wilson
(248) 370-2514
Erin Meyers
Erin Meyers
Office: 308A Wilson
(248) 370-2507
A head shot of Valerie Palmer-Mehta.
Valerie Palmer-Mehta
Professor & Internship Advisor
Office: 328 Wilson

Adina Schneeweis
Adina Schneeweis
Professor & Journalism Program Director
Office: 109 Vandenberg
(248) 370-2776
A head shot of Robert Sidelinger.
Robert Sidelinger
Professor & Communication Program Director
Office: 329 Wilson
(248) 370-4126
Sam Srauy
Sam Srauy
Associate Professor
Office: 334 Wilson
(248) 370-4352
A headshot of Christine Stover.
Christine Stover
Instructor of Practice & Communication Adviser
Office: 118 Wilson
(248) 370-4525
Chiaoning Su
Chiaoning Su
Associate Professor & Public Relations Program Director
Office: 107A Vandenburg
(248) 370-4049
A headshot of Beth Talbert.
Beth Talbert
Special Instructor & Senior Adviser for Communication
Office: 308 Wilson
(248) 370-2592
Guolan Yang
Guolan Yang
Assistant Professor
Office: 306A Wilson
(248) 370-4127
A headshot of Jeff Youngquist.
Jeff Youngquist
Associate Professor
Office: 325 Wilson
(248) 370-4122
Part-Time Faculty

Lisa Campbell
Special Lecturer

Tina Collins
Special Lecturer

Emily Cutlip

Susan Evans

Paul Fugate
Special Lecturer

Tim Johnston
Special Lecturer

John Kirsh

Kelly Kozlowski

Kim Madeleine
Special Lecturer

Nick Monacelli

Jason Pennington

Jim Perkinson

Charlie Rinehart
Special Lecturer

Kate Roff
Special Lecturer

Ritu Sehgal

Marty Shafer
Special Lecturer

Kelly Skillin

Shannon Stefanide
Special Lecturer

Debbie Youngquist
Special Lecturer


Main Office
Office: 316 Wilson Hall
Phone: (248) 370-4120
Fax: (248) 370-4208

Crystal Bell
Administrative Secretary
Office: 317 Wilson Hall
Phone: (248) 370-4121
Fax: (248) 370-4208