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Department of Chemistry

Fuel your curiosity and absorb knowledge in OU’s Department of Chemistry. Interact with world-class faculty. Bond with like-minded peers.

The Department of Chemistry offers a full curriculum in ChemistryBiochemistry, and Environmental Science, with an emphasis on advancing chemical education and research. Research participation at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral level is a distinctive part of the Department's activity. 

The department is housed in the Mathematics and Science Center (MSC) with advanced research and teaching  laboratory facilities equipped with modern instrumentation. 

Chemistry Course Schedule


00:02 Sarah Denha, Ph.D. Student Department of Chemistry

00:07 The Research: SpinoCerebellar Ataxia Type five is a rare neurodegenerative disease that causes neuron degeneration in the cerebellum.

00:16 It causes uncoordinated body movements, slurred speech and abnormal eye movements.

00:24 The Focus: Researchers like Sarah and Dr. Avery are focused on understanding how mutations in a protein called β-III-spectrin lead to the development of the disease.

00:36 The Science: To study this disease, Avery’s Lab uses fruit flies as a model to understand the impact of β-III-spectrin mutations on the dendritic arborization of neurons.

00:45 Dendritic arborization is a process by which neurons create new synapses vital to healthy brain activity and function.

00:55 Healthy neuron, diseased neuron.

01:02 The Goal: Researchers hope to discover the mechanism by how these mutations cause the disease so they can create treatments and eventually cure the disease.

Department of Chemistry

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