Department of Philosophy

Mathematics and Science Center, Room 752
146 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4479
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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is the analysis and evaluation of the basic assumptions and inferences that we make in formulating arguments: about reality, truth, knowledge, reasoning, human nature, the ultimate goals of life, right and wrong conduct, and public institutions, laws and policies.

Ultimately, philosophy is concerned with the examination and development of a coherent and rationally defensible view of the world and our place in it. It is a rigorous discipline of "thinking about thinking" (Aristotle's definition) that has been around since the ancient beginnings of recorded human civilization. And it remains a vital part of the intellectual culture of the 21st century world.

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"Philosophy is about producing and communicating complex ideas, clarifying counter-intuitive concepts, and assiduously analyzing arguments; a sound case can be made that these skills are crucial to just about everything we do." 
— James Tierney, Class of ‘88 (read more)