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International Conference on Romanticism

On behalf of the Executive Director and the Advisory Board, I welcome you to the homepage of the International Conference on Romanticism.  The organization, founded almost thirty years ago by scholars from several countries, has always stood for the study of Romanticism as a whole, in all its multi-linguistic, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary manifestations, avoiding a narrowed-down view of the movement limited to one or two linguistic traditions or just one discipline.  Our members come from more than twenty countries and represent literature, philosophy, musicology, art history, educational theory, and so on.  From its origins, the International Conference on Romanticism has emphasized collegiality and a spirit of humane discourse, with attention given to supporting the work of younger scholars.  We hold annual meetings, occasional colloquia, award prizes for outstanding books and essays, and sponsor the academic journal Essays in Romanticism, currently published by the Liverpool University Press, and sent to ICR members as part of their membership package. Our meetings are held in a variety of places, including New York City, Park City (UT), Laredo (TX), Santa Barbara (CA), Rochester (MI), Tallahassee (FL), Montreal (Canada), Athens (Greece), Tromsø (Norway), Manchester (England), Vienna (Austria), and so on. Take a look through this website for information on the many facets of our work, and please consider joining us. 

All the best to you.

Larry H. Peer, ICR President

Annual meetings and colloquia are held in the Fall (large meetings) and in the late Spring (small colloquia) and are hosted by a college or university or a group of cooperating schools. All meetings and colloquia are cross-linguistic and interdisciplinary. The annual large meeting normally includes plenary sessions, smaller presentation groups, and workshops, organized around an extended thesis. The smaller colloquia are restricted to fewer participants, and are usually organized around a more tightly conceived topic. At all ICR gatherings a wide variety of conference goers is sought, including graduate students, and a spirit of fellowship, humane intelligence, and intimacy is cultivated. Annual meetings and colloquia have been held or are scheduled to be held in Tempe, AZ; Milwaukee, WI; Athens, GA; Park City, UT; Baltimore, MD; Santa Barbara, CA; State College, PA; Lubbock, TX; Oxford, OH; Tallahassee, FL; Bloomington, IN; Colorado Springs, CO; Saint Louis, MO; Charleston, SC; Manchester, ENGLAND; Athens, GREECE; Tromso, NORWAY; and Vienna, AUSTRIA.

Upcoming conferences:
2024 - meeting in conjunction with NASSR

  • The International Conference on Romanticism was founded by a group of scholars from America and Europe. Its purpose as a learned society is to promote, maintain, and improve teaching, research, and related endeavors in the field of Romanticism studies, and to facilitate communication among scholars and teachers through annual meetings and publications. A forum for colleagues in literature, philosophy, history, musicology, history of science, art history, and other disciplines, the International Conference on Romanticism has an interdisciplinary and international membership. Since its inception the fundamental aim of the organization has been to pursue the study of Romanticism without favoring particular linguistic, national, or political traditions, or academic disciplines, either explicitly or implicitly. The society’s meetings and publications reflect this purpose.

    Regular Membership fees are $65 ($20 for students and contingent faculty) for the calendar year and include a subscription to the ICR journal Essays in Romanticism, participation in elections, the opportunity to attend the annual meeting, and a membership directory. We invite you to join in helping to accomplish the goals of the conference.

Essays in Romanticism

Thirty years ago, a dozen scholars from several countries got together and formed the International Conference on Romanticism. Along with annual meetings, establishing academic prizes, and cultivating a spirit of humane cooperation, mutual support, and cross linguistic/interdisciplinary work, the new organization created a plan for publishing a new journal that would reflect its goals and values. Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism, the first scholarly journal specifically devoted to the interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic study of Romanticism, was a success from the first. Contributions and editorial help from around the world, reflecting a membership that has drawn from every continent and from almost thirty countries, marked its seventeen-year run. In 2011 the ICR was happy to see the journal enter a new phase, with a new editor, new name, and new editorial board. Editor Alan Vardy and his colleagues continue to reflect, and even enhance, the long-held values of our organization. As has always been the case, members of the ICR will receive a copy of the new journal with annual dues.

For more information on Essays in Romanticism, including submissions and subscription details, and an archive of past essays, please visit the Liverpool University Press.

Awarding of Prizes is one of the most significant activities of the ICR.

The Lore Metzger Prize is awarded for the best graduate student paper presented at the annual ICR meeting. The winner is determined by a committee from the annual meeting host institution, the Prize committee chair, and Alan Vardy (editor of Essays in Romantcisim).

The Jean-Pierre Barricelli Book Prize
The International Conference on Romanticism established its prize for the year’s best book in Romanticism studies for the purpose of recognizing exceptional, even ground breaking work in the discipline. Named after internationally renowned teacher and scholar Jean-Pierre Barricelli, the prize is vetted by scholars from around the world. Nominations from scholarly presses are solicited, and could represent a wide range of studies, including new interpretations of the movement as a whole, interdisciplinary views, work on individual authors, and so on. An international committee of scholars decides the winner. Please send one copy of each book nominated to:

Larry H. Peer
International Conference on Romanticism
Prize Committee Chair
Barricelli Book Prize Committee
Comparative Literature
3023 JFSB – Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 843602-6702

Barricelli Book Prize Winners

2023-Lorraine Byrne Bodley, Schubert: A Musical Wayfarer (Yale UP, 2023)

2022-Kevis Goodman, Pathologies of Motion (Yale UP, 2022)

2019-Robert Brandom, A Spirit of Trust: A Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology (Harvard UP)

2018-Richard C. Sha, Imagination and Science in Romanticism (Johns Hopkins UP)

2017-no award given

2016-Jon Klancher, Transfiguring the Arts and Sciences (Cambridge UP)

2015-Peter Gay, Why The Romantics Matter (Yale UP)

2014-Catriona Macleod, Fugitive Objects (Northwestern UP)

2013-Nancy Yousef, Romantic Intimacy (Stanford UP)

2012-Martin Geck, Robert Schumann (U of Chicago P)

2011-Orrin N.C. Wang, Romantic Sobriety: Sensation, Revolution, Commodification, History (Johns Hopkins UP)

2010-Award Shared by:

Eugene Stelzig, Henry Crabb Robinson in Germany (Bucknell UP)
Stephen Prickett, European Romanticism: A Reader (Continuum)

2009-Alexander Schlutz, Mind’s World: Imagination and Subjectivity from Descartes to Romanticism (U of Washington P)

2008-James H. Donelan, Poetry and the Romantic Musical Aesthetic (Cambridge UP)

2007-Melissa Frazier, Romantic Encounters: Writers, Readers, and the “Library for Reading” (Stanford UP)

2006-Award Shared by:

Leon Chai, Romantic Theory: Forms or Reflexivity in the Revolutionary Era (Johns Hopkins UP)
James O’Rourke, Sex, Lies and Autobiography: The Ethics of Confession (U of Virginia P)
Larry H. Peer and Diane Long Hoeveler, Romanticism: Comparative Discourses (Ashgate)

2005-Kari Lokke, Tracing Women’s Romanticism: Gender, History, and Transcendence (Routledge)

2004-Theodore Ziolkowski, Clio the Romantic Muse: Historicizing the Faculties in Germany (Cornell UP)

2003-Paul Hamilton, Metaromanticism: Aesthetics, Literature, Theory (U of Chicago P)

2002-Ian Balfour, The Rhetoric of Romantic Prophecy (Stanford UP)

2001-Ann Rigney, Imperfect Histories (Cornell UP)

2000-Joshua Wilner, Feeding on Infinity: Readings in the Romantic Rhetoric of Internalization (Johns Hopkins UP)

1999no award given

1998-Award Shared by:

Richard Eldridge, Leading a Human Life:Wittgenstein, Intentionality and Romanticism (U of Chicago P)
Kenneth R. Johnston, The Hidden Wordsworth; Poet, Lover, Rebel, Spy (Norton)

1997-Susan J. Wolfson, Formal Charges: The Shaping of Poetry in British Romanticism, (Stanford UP)

1996-Frederick Burwick, Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination,(Pennsylvania State UP)

1995-Joycelyne Kolb, The Ambiguity of Taste: Freedom and Food in European Romanticism (U of Michigan P)

1994-Alan Richardson, Literature, Education, and Romanticism: Reading as Social Practice 1780-1832 (Cambridge UP)

1993-David Simpson, Romanticism, Nationalism and the Revolt Against Theory, (U of Chicago P)


William S. Davis
Colorado College

Executive Director

Jennifer Law-Sullivan
Oakland University

Advisory Board

Beate Allert
Purdue University

Kathleen Béres-Rogers
College of Charleston

Miroslava Horová
Univerzita Karlova

Richard Johnston
US Air Force Academy

Teresa Raçzka-Jeziorska
The Institute of The Literary Research of The Polish Academy of Science

Richard C. Sha
American University

Ex Officio

Alan Vardy (Hunter College, CUNY), editor, Essays in Romanticism

Matthew Kershaw (Yale University), student representative

Lori Yamato (Queens College, CUNY), contingent faculty representative

Larry H. Peer (BYU), historian and assistant to the Executive Director

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