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College of Arts and Sciences Advising

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General Information



Main Lobby & Check-In:  Room 130

The College of Arts & Sciences Advising Office welcomes declared Arts and Science majors, undecided students who wish to investigate a college program, and prospective students considering Oakland University. We are committed to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.


  • Clarifying questions about your major program, class scheduling, registration, etc.
  • Declaring a major or minor/concentration
  • Referrals to other resources
  • Graduation audits
  • Career planning

General Questions

Make sure you check out the CAS Advising FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, email us at A response will generally be received within two days during normal business hours. Several questions, or questions relating to an academic problem or specific programs should be handled in a scheduled appointment. We cannot schedule appointments through email.


Appointments are 30 minutes, one-on-one, with an academic adviser.
Call (248) 370-4567 or visit 130 O'Dowd Hall.

Walk In Advising Schedule for March 2018

Open advising for registration is generally available during the first week of the March registration period and the first week when Fall and Winter semester classes begin.
Open advising for registration should only be used for specific registration issues that cannot wait for an appointment. Time slots are issued on a first come, first serve basis (doors open at 8:00am for the morning session and 1:00pm for the afternoon session).  Once all of our available time slots have been issued for a particular session, said session will close-so arrive early! You will not be able to reserve an afternoon time slot during the morning session, nor can you call in to reserve a time.
O pen advising sessions are for current students only. Prospective students must schedule a regular advising appointment. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office as we will be happy to assist you.

Change of Major/Minor/Concentration Form
Use this form to declare or change a major/minor/concentration within the College of Arts & Sciences (see below).
Beginning February 12, 2018 students are required to meet with a CAS Academic Adviser before any changes in major, minor and/or concentration can be processed.  This is to include "drop only" requests.  Please call our office to schedule an appointment in order to process all change requests.

Pre-requisite Override Form
Complete this form when you are requesting an override of a course pre-requisite that you feel you have completed (but the registration system will not recognize). The completed Pre-requisite Override form should be turned in to the corresponding department that "houses"  the course you are trying to get the override for.

Academic Success Form
Students on Academic Probation should go to Academic Success Website:
1. Review the website and complete step 1 (probation tutorial);
2. Review all of the topics listed in the CAS Academic Success e-space page;
3. Print off this form, complete it and bring it to your scheduled appointment.

Call the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office to schedule an appointment with a CAS Adviser by calling (248) 370-4567 or visiting 130 O'Dowd Hall to review this form with an Academic Adviser.

Undergraduate Application for Degree
Complete this application before the established deadline for the semester in which you intend to complete all degree requirements.

Here are degree checklists outlining the course requirements for each major. They are intended for general information only and are not meant to be a complete description of all Oakland University degree requirements. It is strongly recommended that you meet with your academic adviser to discuss your specific degree program, ensuring the details of your major can be thoroughly reviewed.

The Degree Plan Archive provides degree checklists by year. CAS students should follow the catalog from the year they were admitted.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides yearly analysis of numerous careers, reviewing job availability, salary information, required education, etc.


 Degree Checklist Plan of Study
Acting BFAChecklist4 Year Plan
Actuarial Science BSChecklist4 Year Plan
Anthropology BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Applied Statistics BSChecklist4 Year Plan
Art History BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Biochemistry BS Checklist 4 Year Plan
Biology BA Checklist 4 Year Plan
Biology BSChecklist4 Year Plan
Biology BA or BS w/ STEP Checklist 5 Year Plan
Biomedical Science BSChecklist4 Year Plan
Chemistry BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Chemistry BS Checklist4 Year Plan
Chemistry BA or BS w/ STEPChecklist5 Year Plan
Chinese Studies BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Cinema Studies BA  Checklist4 Year Plan
Cinema Studies (Filmmaking) BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Communication BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Creative Writing BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Criminal Justice BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Criminal Justice (Homeland Security) BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Criminal Justice (Information Security and Assurance) BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Dance BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Dance BFA Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Economics BAChecklist 4 Year Plan 
English BA Checklist  4 Year Plan 
English BA w/ STEPChecklist5 Year Plan
Environmental Science BS w/ Environmental Health BSChecklist4 Year Plan
Environmental Science BS w/Sustainability & Resource Mgt. BSChecklist 4 Year Plan 
French BA Checklist 4 Year Plan
French BA w/ K-12 Checklist 5 Year Plan
German BA  Checklist 4 Year Plan
German BA w/ K-12 Checklist5 Year Plan
Graphic Design BAChecklist4 Year Plan
History BA Checklist 4 Year Plan
History BA w/ STEPChecklist5 Year Plan
History BA w/ STEP & Social Studies EndorsementChecklist5 Year Plan
International Relations BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Japanese BA  Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Japanese BA w/ K-12Checklist5 Year Plan
Japanese Studies BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Journalism BA Checklist 4 Year Plan
Latin American Language and Civilization BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Latin American Studies BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Liberal Studies BAChecklist 4 Year Plan 
Linguistics BAChecklist 4 Year Plan 
Mathematics BA Checklist 4 Year Plan
Mathematics BSChecklist4 Year Plan
Mathematics BA or BS w/ STEPChecklist5 Year Plan
Medical Physics BS Checklist 4 Year Plan
Music BA   Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Music Instrumental Performance BM Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Music Education Instrumental BM Checklist 5 Year Plan
Music Education & Performance Instrumental BMChecklist5 Year Plan
Music Piano Performance BM Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Music Education Piano BM Checklist  5 Year Plan 
Music Education & Performance Piano BM Checklist 5 Year Plan
Music Vocal Performance BMChecklist 4 Year Plan 
Music Education Vocal BM Checklist  5 Year Plan 
Music Education & Performance Vocal BM Checklist 5 Year Plan
Musical Theatre BFA Checklist 4 Year Plan
Philosophy BAChecklist 4 Year Plan 
Physics BA Checklist4 Year Plan
Physics BSChecklist 4 Year Plan 
Physics BA or BS w/ STEP  Checklist 5 Year Plan
Political Science BA  Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Psychology BA  Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Psychology WSU 3+34 Year Plan
Public Administration BS  Checklist  4 Year Plan 
PA to MPA 4 Year Plan
PS IR PA WSU 3+34 Year Plan
Public Relations & Strategic Communication BAChecklist4 Year Plan
Social Work BSW  Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Sociology BA  Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Sociology/Anthropology BA Checklist4 Year Plan
Spanish BA Checklist 4 Year Plan 
Spanish BA w/ K-12  Checklist 5 Year Plan
Studio Art Drawing BA Checklist 4 Year Plan 
Studio Art New Media BA  Checklist 4 Year Plan
Studio Art Painting BA Checklist 4 Year Plan 
Studio Art Photography BA   Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Studio Art Education BA w/ K-12  Checklist 5 Year Plan
Studio Art K-12 Graphic Design  BA w/ K-12Checklist5 Year Plan
Theatre BA Checklist 4 Year Plan
Theatre Design and Technology BFA Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Women and Gender Studies BA Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Writing and Rhetoric BA Checklist  4 Year Plan 
Minors and
Below is a list of minors and concentrations available in the College of Arts and Sciences. Each link below will take you to the appropriate page of the current undergraduate catalog listing the requirements for the minor or concentration.

Minors are not required for most College of Arts and Sciences majors. However, students will sometimes complete minors or concentrations in addition to their major if they have other areas of academic interest.

Students pursuing admission into the Secondary Teaching Education Program (STEP) must complete a teaching minor in one of the following areas: biology, chemistry, dance, economics, English, history, mathematics, modern languages (Spanish, French or German), physics, political science, or sociology. Teaching minors for these areas can be found in the same catalog sections as the regular minors.

As a general rule, no more than 8 credits of course work used to satisfy one major, minor, or concentration may be applied toward another. At least 8 of the credits offered for each minor must be taken at Oakland University.

If you are interested in any of these minors or concentrations and wish to discuss them in more detail, contact our office for an appointment or contact the departmental adviser for the subject in which you have an interest.  

Minor or Concentration

Catalog Link 

Addiction Studies ConcentrationLink
American Studies Concentration Link 
Applied MathematicsLink
Applied Statistics Link
Archeology Concentration Link 
Art History Link 
Biology Link 
Chemistry Link 
Child WelfareLink
Chinese LanguageLink
Chinese Language and Civilization Link 
Chinese Studies Link 
Christianity Studies Link 
Cinema Studies Link 
Creative WritingLink
Criminal Justice Link 
Dance Link 
Digital Media ProductionLink
Economics Link 
Environmental Science Link 
Environmental Studies Concentration Link 
French Language and Literature Link
French LanguageLink
French Studies Concentration Link 
German Language and LiteratureLink
German LanguageLink
German Studies Link 
Gerontology Concentration Link 
Graphic Design Link 
History  Link 
Interactive and Social MediaLink
International Relations Link 
International Studies Link 
Islamic Studies Link
Japanese Language and CivilizationLink
Japanese Language and Literature Link
Japanese LanguageLink
Japanese StudiesLink
Jazz Studies Link 
Judaic Studies Link 
LGBTQ StudiesLink
Linguistics Link 
Linguistics, Teaching English as a Second LanguageLink
Music (auditioned)Link
Music (no audition) Link 
Philosophy Link 
Political Science Link 
Pre-Law Studies  (not a minor or major) Link 
Pre- Med Concentration Link 
Psychology Link 
Public Administration Link 
Public Relations Link 
Relational CommunicationLink
Religious Studies Concentration Link 
South Asian StudiesLink
Spanish Language and LiteratureLink
Spanish LanguageLink
Studio ArtLink
Theatre Link 
Urban Studies Concentration Link 
Women and Gender Studies  Link 
World Music Link 
Writing and RhetoricLink
Teaching Minors
 Biology STEP Link 
 Chemistry STEP Link 
 Economics STEPLink
 English as a Second Language STEPLink
 English STEPLink
 History STEPLink
 Mathematics STEP Link 
 Modern Languages STEP Link 
 Physics STEP Link 
 Political Science STEP Link