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Pre-Pharmacy Sciences

Take the first step to pursuing a career as a pharmacist, a medication expert who enhances patient care and promotes wellness, with the Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences. The Pre-pharmacy Sciences specialization offered within the Bachelor of Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences degree prepares you to meet the academic prerequisites necessary to be considered for admission to Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programs. Through coursework, labs and experiential learning opportunities, you will develop skills to prepare and dispense prescriptions, ensure medicines and doses are correct, prevent harmful drug interactions, and counsel patients on the safe and appropriate use of their medications. 


In the Pre-pharmacy Sciences specialization, you will complete 2-4 years of prerequisite and specialized classroom instruction meant to establish competencies in core scientific disciplines. A cumulative GPA of 2.80 or higher is required for all specializations in the Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences major. Reviewing the Undergraduate Catalog (see Curricular Requirements) for CDS core curriculum and course grade expectations is required.

When pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences with a Pre-pharmacy Sciences specialization, you may pursue admission to any accredited Doctor of Pharmacy program. It is highly recommended to consult with the academic adviser prior to enrolling in any of these classes, as completion of coursework does not guarantee admission or completion of the program. Admission to a PharmD program is through a competitive admissions process.

There are several options to earning a Bachelor of Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences with a specialization in Pre-pharmacy Sciences.

Manchester University Affiliation Agreement
Manchester University will reserve two (2) seats in each annual cohort of students entering its Doctor of Pharmacy program for qualified students of Oakland University. These students would also qualify for a reserved seat in the Dual Degree PharmD./MS in Pharmacogenomics (PGX) cohort for that entry year. Qualified students must complete the application process for admission to the Manchester Pharmacy program according to the established deadlines.

Oakland University students would complete three years (a minimum of 103 credits) towards an established Bachelor’s degree in the CDS program while simultaneously completing prerequisite requirements for Manchester University. The P1, or first professional year, of the Manchester PharmD. curriculum will transfer back to Oakland University (a minimum of 17 credits), thus allowing for completion of a Bachelor’s degree to occur. Oakland University will advise its students of this opportunity, the minimum requirements for consideration, and the procedures and timeframe for application and acceptance into the Manchester University Pharmacy program and articulation program.
4-year Plan of Study
Students who are unsuccessful in matriculating into a PharmD program in their senior year will complete additional courses at OU in order to complete the B.S. in CDS with a PharmD specialization.
MLS-CDS Internship
Students who are unsuccessful in matriculating into a PharmD program in their senior year also have the option of completing the core requirements to be placed in an MLS-CDS internship.

There is a growing need for pharmacists in a wide variety of work settings: community pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, mail order pharmacy centers, managed care organizations, and government agencies (Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, Public Health Service). 

Job Outlook
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in health care occupations is projected to grow 13% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Average Salary
BLS reports that pharmacists earned a median pay of $128,570 per year in 2021.

Consider this position if you:
  • want to help people live healthier, better lives
  • have an aptitude for science and strong attention to detail
  • are interested in continual learning
  • enjoy problem-solving 

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