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Laboratory Sciences

In the field of laboratory sciences, health professionals help treat and diagnose disease by providing necessary services and information. You will play a direct role in the diagnostic process and therefore improve people’s health, wellbeing and lives in this field. Within our Bachelor of Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, we offer distinct laboratory science specializations to customize your education to your career and academic goals.

Medical Laboratory Science (B.S., specialization)

With the medical laboratory science (MLS) specialization offered through the Bachelor of Science in clinical and diagnostic sciences, learn to perform diagnostic tests in clinical settings to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease, and provide data to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Visit the MLS page to learn more.

Histotechnology (B.S., specialization)

As a histotechnologist, you will be responsible for applying proper techniques that involve processing, sectioning and staining tissue specimens that have been removed from humans or animals by biopsy, surgical procedures or autopsy. The histotechnology specialization within the B.S. in CDS provides hands-on experience so you can learn how to access real case studies and work with human samples to apply and execute the skills used in clinical practice. Our program also offers the opportunity for a clinical internship. Learn more at the histotechnology page.

Medical Laboratory Science Combined (B.S., specialization + M.S.)

Medical laboratory science is key in supporting the nation’s understanding of health biomarker data. Advance your career potential by enrolling in Oakland University’s Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s in clinical and diagnostic sciences with a specialization in medical laboratory science (MLS). Interact with graduate students, save time and money, apply for graduate assistantships, develop a deeper preparation for the field of medical laboratory science and increase your potential for management careers. Visit the MLS combined page to learn more.

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