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Group of ECLIPSE students posing together

ECLIPSE Leadership Initiative

Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and InterProfessional Education (ECLIPSE)

ECLIPSE is one of only a few health-science specific leadership programs in the country. Unique to the School of Health Sciences, ECLIPSE is a professional development experience for undergraduate students that aims to develop health professionals who impact individuals and populations of people through the power of interprofessional work and collaborative leadership.

"ECLIPSE has connected me with a tight community of caring and ambitious health-focused individuals. Together, we are learning how to become better members of a healthcare team and better leaders in general.”
- Nicholas Koshy, Platinum ECLIPSE member, Health Sciences (Pre-health Professional Studies) major

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[MUSIC] Welcome to the School of Health Sciences. We transform students into leaders, connect theory to best practices, and impact the needs of all people and communities. A unique program we offer is Eclipse.

Eclipse or Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education is a community engaged leadership program for students studying Health Sciences at OU. This unique program which will help you stand out in a competitive field is designed to help you reflect on the skills you are building throughout your degree in our pillars.

Eclipse is a program that offers structural and foundational learning that will allow students to take advantage of opportunities that they usually wouldn't come in contact with on campus.

The two skills I've developed the most are probably communication and teamwork through Eclipse.

Eclipse has really been able to set me apart from other students applying to graduate programs or medical schools by allowing me to really build my leadership skills from the ground-up, identify what my core values are and what they mean to me, as well as learn how to delegate and work in a team properly.

Eclipse students register for an IPE course that helps to synthesize the learning in and out of the classroom. Meeting once a month, students learn about themselves as leaders, how to effectively work in teams, and how their values impact their roles in health. Additionally, students are connected to faculty, research opportunities, shadowing, community service, professional development, and fun stuff too.

I have taken full advantage of the faculty and the advisors. The advisors were just amazing.

My favorite Eclipse event has to be the bonfire. We get to relax and talk with one another, check in with each other, and we get a chance to actually communicate.

Upon entering the program, each Eclipse student is paired with a peer mentoring group that shares a similar major or career path, and can provide support and share resources with each other to be successful and feel connected to the School of Health Sciences.

The community and support that is provided through this program has really helped.

Our vision in Eclipse is to teach future health professionals to lead from where they're at and to work more collaboratively with others to improve patient and community care.

I believe students should join Eclipse.

Students should join Eclipse.

Students should absolutely join Eclipse.

Join Eclipse, where we foster student's abilities to become leaders within and beyond our communities through diverse, student-centered, collaborative, and interprofessional experiences In Purpose for Health. [MUSIC]

Founded on the ideas of Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education within the field of health, ECLIPSE is designed to help students gain skills in each of our pillars; communication, teamwork, roles, and values, through practice and reflection. By working collaboratively and interprofessionally (multiple disciplines present), our future health leaders can be more intentional and improve patient and community health outcomes.

Our Mission: To foster students’ abilities to become leaders within and beyond our communities through diverse, student-centered, collaborative, and interprofessional experiences, in purpose for health.

Our Values: Collaborative Leadership and Interprofessional Education are at the core of leadership in diverse health-related professions. We believe that self-reflection and self-discovery contribute to shaping adaptive leaders’ ability to perform effectively in various contexts. We value health-related leaders who positively impact those they serve by:

  • Understanding that roles and responsibilities evolve and fluctuate
  • Working independently and in teams
  • Communicating effectively and responsibly with diverse individuals
  • Recognizing values and ethics to maintain mutual respect

Our Vision: Through practiced leadership as a collaborative effort, ECLIPSE graduates will be unique assets to diverse health-related professions as they perform with the purpose of improving the lives of others.

As a member of ECLIPSE, you are part of a community within the School of Health Sciences and can learn from peers, staff, faculty, and professionals - in purpose for health.

Through workshops, service and continuous reflection, ECLIPSE encourages you to engage in self-discovery and learn more about who you are and the impact you can make as a leader in your field. ECLIPSE rewards you for what you are already planning on doing (such as attending a lecture, volunteering, or working on a group project in a class) and you earn points as you reflect on these experiences. The opportunity to move up levels and showcase experiences in your leadership ePortfolio will boost your resume and help you to stand out as a leader on campus and in your future career. ECLIPSE has monthly meetings to help you practice skills in each of our pillars and organizes activities for students and mentoring groups. Additionally, our ECLIPSE Activities Board plans a lot of engagement opportunities for participants including our annual bonfire, holiday events, community service, and professional development workshops.


Bronze 100–199 points
Silver 200–299 point
Gold 200–499 points
Platinum 500+ points
* Platinum earners, our highest honor, will receive a stole to wear for graduation.

What does participation in ECLIPSE look like? 

  • Attend three of four ECLIPSE class meetings each semester. 
    • Each participant registers for either IPE 1000/1010, IPE 2000/2010, IPE 3000/3010, or IPE 4000/4010
    • ECLIPSE classes are zero credit hours, but show up on your transcript as “S” Satisfactory or “U” Unsatisfactory
    • You must remain active in ECLIPSE to receive a “S” 
    • We will work with those who have a course/work conflict
  • Meet four times a semester with your peer mentor group (assigned upon entering the program).
  • Submit four reflections a semester for your involvement on and off campus about the leadership skills you are building around communication, teamwork, roles/responsibility, and values/ethics to earn points towards the next level in ECLIPSE.
  • Meet individually once a semester with the ECLIPSE program coordinator to review your progress in the program and gain access to resources.
  • Develop an ePortfolio throughout the program that becomes a digital resume to track your leadership journey and to share with future employers and graduate programs.
  • Participate in a semester-long Community Health Impact Project in your final year of the program with a group of students from different health majors, in partnership with a health-focused community organization or initiative.
  • Stay involved in ECLIPSE throughout your entire time as an OU student and gain access to resources, such as research and service opportunities to help you grow as a confident, future leader in health.

Note: If you are a transfer student or were not able to join your first year at OU, you are able to join ECLIPSE and possibly move up levels based on your previous involvement. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

  • Learn skills necessary to be successful in your future career, including: interprofessional roles and responsibilities, effective communication skills, the importance of teamwork, and the ability to recognize and lead with your values. 
  • Discover your leadership traits through collaboration, understanding and breaking down bias, self-assessment and reflection, and develop an interprofessional leadership ePortfolio.
  • Practice and build skills, qualities, and aptitudes that are essential to make you stand out and be competitive in health graduate programs and the workplace.
  • Get matched with a Peer Mentor group to meet new, diverse people who have similar passions as you and might even share some of the same classes.
  • Gain access and connections to resources such as career coaching, research opportunities, community service, scholarships, jobs, and more to help you be successful in your collegiate journey.

IPE Course Times for ECLIPSE

all classes are in-person

IPE 1010 - Rising Bronze (incoming first-year students

February 1st | 3-4:47 p.m. 
February 3rd | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
February 22nd  | 3-4:47 p.m.
March 21st | 3-4:47 p.m.
April 11th | 3-4:47 p.m.

IPE 2010 - Rising Silver 

January 25th | 3-4:47 p.m. 
February 3rd | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
February 15th | 3-4:47 p.m. 
March 14th | 3-4:47 p.m. 
April 11th | 3-4:47 p.m. 

IPE 3010 - Rising Gold 

January 17th | 3:30-5:17 p.m.
February 3rd | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
February 7th | 3:30-5:17 p.m.
March 6th | 3:30-5:17 p.m.
March 27th | 3:30-5:17 p.m.
April 11th | 3:30-5:17 p.m.

IPE 4010 - Rising Platinum 

January 11th | 3-4:47 p.m. 
February 3rd | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
April 11th | 3-4:47 p.m. 

Students need permission to sign up for the course. Please contact [email protected] for more information on how to register.

Being Mentored
When you join ECLIPSE, you will be matched to a mentoring group. You will meet new, diverse people who have similar interests and passions as you. In your group, you will attend class together, share resources, gain support during your educational journey, engage in volunteer activities, have fun and develop connections that last a lifetime.

If you have any questions about the mentoring program, please email [email protected].

Be a Mentor
If you are a SHS alumni, you can make an impact in the education and experiences of our ECLIPSE students, the program and your community by becoming an Alumni Mentor. You will connect with your mentoring group(s) monthly (either virtually or in-person) to check in, share resources or just chat; celebrate our students’ success; and participate as a speaker, panelist, volunteer and partner (if/when available).


If you are an ECLIPSE student interested in being a Peer Mentor, please email [email protected].

“In ECLIPSE, we learn a lot about how to improve our leadership skills now to better prepare us for our future as healthcare professionals. It is an awesome program that has led me to great relationships with people of so many different backgrounds and opportunities that I would not have pursued if it wasn’t for ECLIPSE. I LOVE ECLIPSE!”
 Sofia Mansour, Gold ECLIPSE member, Health Sciences (Pre-health Professional Studies) major

“ECLIPSE has connected me with students that share my interests. We encourage each other on career-related requirements, but we also check on each other as friends.”
- Sarah Richards, Silver ECLIPSE member, Health Sciences (Pre-health Professional Studies) major

“Not only does ECLIPSE teach you great leadership skills, it also teaches you great ethics, making you a stronger candidate for med school or dental school. ECLIPSE is a place where you can be yourself.”
- Syeda Zaidi, Bronze ECLIPSE member, Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences major

“One of the most valuable experiences of being in ECLIPSE is having the opportunity to serve others before you get into your career, allowing you to build a rapport and get comfortable communicating with people in a stress-free environment.” 
- Andrew Duke, Gold ECLIPSE member, Exercise Science major 

“ECLIPSE gave me an immeasurable amount of confidence, in myself and in my leadership skills. When I face the real world, I feel much more prepared as a leader and future healthcare professional.”
 Braydon Welch, Platinum ECLIPSE member, Exercise Science major 

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