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Pathology Sciences Graduate Certificate

As advanced molecular testing and imaging become more prominent, it is crucial to expand the workforce of medical professionals with comprehensive knowledge of pathology and advanced testing. The instruments and technologies used to detect disease and monitor treatment are becoming more sophisticated, making health care professionals trained with a graduate certificate even more valuable, interacting with clinicians to examine diagnostic information and interpret results.

Whether you are looking to augment your application for professional programs such as medicine, veterinary or dentistry, or advance your current career, the Pathology Sciences graduate certificate expands your expertise in the field of medical diagnostic sciences. While commitment to a full graduate program is not required, there may be a dual benefit, as this certificate can also be applied towards completion of Oakland University’s Master of Science in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences degree.

The Pathology Sciences certificate consists of 16 credits:

  • CDS 5010: Pathology (4 credits)
  • CDS 5030: Histopathology (4 credits)
  • CDS 5200: Literature Review (1 credit)
  • CDS 5700: Medical Endocrinology (4 credits)
  • CDS 6300: Molecular and Cellular Pathology (3 credits)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, Health Sciences, Biology or a related field
  • Undergraduate coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry which may be satisfied by the following Oakland University courses or their equivalent
    • Medical Physiology (BIO 3620)
    • Human Anatomy (Bio 2100)
    • Medical Biochemistry (CDS 4250) OR Fundamentals of Biochemistry (BIO 3230)

Students who are currently enrolled in, or admitted to, an Oakland University graduate program should contact Dr. Dale Telgenhoff at [email protected].

Admission requirements for those not already admitted to Oakland University’s graduate school:

  • Official transcripts indicating a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution
  • Undergraduate overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • Application for Admission to Graduate Study
  • Two (2) recommendation forms from faculty members, supervisors or professional mentors

Dr. Dale Telgenhoff
Coordinator and Associate Professor
[email protected]