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Office of the Registrar

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Transfer Guides

The below transfer guides are for students seeking first-time transfer to Oakland University — they detail how specific major requirements may be met by that transfer institution alone. Students who earned credits from multiple institutions should also consult with an OU adviser who will take into consideration their entire body of coursework when recommending courses to take.

To download a guide, simply select the college and then the program. The guide provides suggested courses to take at the community college if you plan to transfer into this program at OU, based on current equivalencies and program requirements. Consult with counselors at the community college and academic advisers at OU when planning a transfer program. Also keep in mind:

  • OAKLAND UNIVERSITY HAS ELIMINATED LIMITS ON TRANSFER CREDIT FROM A COMMUNITY COLLEGE. However, students must complete at least 45 credits at Oakland University in order to graduate. (Some formal program-to-program articulation agreements modify this requirement. See specific agreements for details.) Those planning to transfer at least 60 credits from a community college should consult with an adviser in the unit of their major to determine how to best complete their remaining degree requirements and maximize their transferable credits.
  • Oakland University accepts coursework with a C- grade on an alpha scale, and coursework with a 2.0 grade on a numeric scale. Satisfactory grades ("Pass", "Satisfactory", "Credit" etc.) will be accepted by Oakland University as credit. Degree requirements that require a grade higher than a "C", "2.0", etc. will not automatically be satisfied. Those planning to transfer a course earned with a C- should consult with an adviser in the unit of their major to determine the applicability of the course to their degree requirements.
  • Community college courses that transfer in as equivalent to 3000-4000 level will not count toward OU upper level requirements.