Campus Life

College is more than just books. It’s about building lifelong friendships, discovering your passion, pursuing opportunities and creating your future. At Oakland University, you’ll explore and cultivate who you are, and transform into who you want to be.

College is about more than just hitting the books and making the grade, it’s about the experience. It’s about the journey that we take to discovery and the adventure along the way.

At Oakland University, we want you to remember your experience. We want you to create lifelong memories as both a gateway to your past and an ode to your future. We want you to discover your passion and to pursue your dreams. We want to guide you as you transform into who you really want to be.

Through more than three hundred student organizations, seventeen fraternities and sororities, eighteen NCAA Division One athletic programs and an endless stream of campus events, we create an environment where you can thrive. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you want, you will find exactly what inspires you at OU. Here you will find the desire for success and the determination to succeed.

Situated just outside of downtown Detroit in the heart of Rochester and Auburn Hills, we create a campus life dedicated to your experience. We create a space for our twenty thousand students to grow, experience and succeed. We create opportunities – educational, cultural, recreational and social – all for you. This is OU. Welcome home.


Home of the Golden Grizzlies, more than 2,700 residents and more than 19,000 graduate and undergraduate students live and breathe Oakland University. At OU, the opportunities -- educational, cultural, recreational and social -- are endless.

Situated outside of downtown Detroit and spread across 1,400 acres in the heart of Rochester and Auburn Hills, OU has six residence halls, two apartment complexes, a state of the art recreation center and athletic dome, and houses the OU Art Gallery, Meadow Brook Hall, Meadow Brook Theatre and the Meadow Brook Amphitheatre.

With 17 fraternities and sororities, 18 NCAA Division I sports programs, and more than 300 student organizations, OU offers an abundance of campus life opportunities for you to discover your passion and get involved. This is OU, welcome home.