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Defense Announcements

There are three phases to a dissertation defense:

Public Presentation of the Dissertation and Defense

In the public lecture or presentation, the candidate is expected to share the results of his or her dissertation research with the dissertation committee and audience. This presentation may vary in length depending on the circumstances and discipline. At the end of this public presentation, members of the dissertation committee, as well as members of the audience are encouraged to direct questions to the candidate pertaining to the research.

The Dissertation Committee's Meeting with the Candidate

At the conclusion of the public presentation and defense, the dissertation committee members will meet privately with the candidate to pose further questions about the candidate's research or to address issues related to the dissertation manuscript. The dissertation committee can ask the candidate to address these additional questions or changes to the manuscript. The dissertation committee chair presides at this meeting.

Evaluation of the Candidate's Performance

Upon completion of the public presentation and defense and the private meeting, the dissertation committee members, in the absence of the candidate and the audience, discuss the candidate's performance and decide whether or not she or he has passed the defense. The committee chair or one of the co-chairs leads the discussion and communicates the result to the candidate.

Defense information

Defense date, time and room number:

  • 3/13/23
    • Syeda Saira Batool at 1:30 PM in 372 MSC
      • PhD in Biomedical Sciences: Medical Physics
      • This dissertation contains both experimental and computational studies of articular cartilage at microscopic resolutions, which aim to better understand the degradation of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis.
      • Doctoral committee chair: Yang Xia 

  • 3/8/23
    • Hannah Mantebea at 9 AM in 372 MSC
      • PhD in Biomedical Sciences: Medical Physics
      • This dissertation confirms the ability of µMRI and PLM to examine the cartilage structure in both healthy and diseased states. The study contributes to the treatment and early diagnosis of arthritis.
      • Doctoral committee chair: Yang Xia

  • 2/24/23
    • Johnnie Romon Blunt at 11 AM via Zoom
      • PhD in Literacy, Culture, and Language
      • This dissertation examines the roles of literacy and literacy education in early 19th-century autobiographies of fugitive slaves in the US. Literacy and literacy education enabled these authors to establish their humanity through their engagement with the debates about slavery.
      • Doctoral committee chair: Linda M. Pavonetti

  • 2/16/23
    • Sweta Joshi at 2 PM via Zoom
      • PhD in Education: Early Childhood Education
      • This study explored teachers’ perceptions of developing leadership in children and the strategies they use to instill leadership. Eleven teachers participated. Findings indicated teachers were well aware of the leaders in their classroom.
      • Doctoral committee chair: Darlene A. Groomes, PhD, LPC, CRC

  • 2/7/23
    • Khaled Salhein at 12 PM via Zoom or 347 EC
      • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
      • A new method to describe the heat transfer behavior of the vertical ground heat exchanger.
      • Doctoral committee chair: Mohamed Zohdy, Ph.D.

  • 1/13/23
    • Kwaku Twum at 9 AM via Zoom 
      • PhD in Biomedical Sciences: Health and Environmental Chemistry
      • Resorcinarenes are three-dimensional oligomers obtained by acid condensation between resorcinol and an aldehyde. This doctoral research presents biomedical applications of the macrocycle achieved with synthetic functionalization techniques.
      • Doctoral committee chair:Dr. Ngong Kodiah Beyeh