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Drop, Withdraw & Repeat

Considering dropping, withdrawing from or repeating a class? Understand your options and make an informed decision.

If you have an unexpected emergency or catastrophic situation, consult with your 
academic adviser right away.

Progress to Degree
  • dropping a class could affect your time to degree, and ultimately, the cost of your degree
  • if you drop a course that is a pre-requisite to a course you are registered for the next semester, you will be dropped from the next semester course
  • you may repeat a course once (sometimes twice) after your first attempt; ask your adviser before trying to repeat
  • if you do repeat a course, make sure you approach it differently so you can stay on track with your degree

Financial Implications
  • if you fall below full-time (12 credits), it could affect your financial aid, scholarships, grants or loans
  • if you drop a course before the 100% drop deadline and you have received a financial aid refund, you may need to return a portion of your refund
  • after the 100% drop deadline, you will not receive a refund for the class 
  • if you withdraw from a course, the “W” grade is counted in your attempted credits and could have implications for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • if you repeat a class more than once, you could experience financial aid implications
  • opportunity to quality for new scholarships

Emotional Toll
  • delay class standing (and affect registration for next year)
  • feeling set back from your degree or goals

Impact on Benefits
  • car insurance
  • housing eligibility
  • visa or other requirements for international students
  • athletic eligibility
  • veteran benefits

Last But Not Least
  • if you repeat a class, the most recent grade you earn will be the grade of record, whether or not it's the highest grade 
  • you may repeat a course to improve the grade you earned in a prior enrollment, but you must do so at OU
  • you can only receive credit for a course once
  • the repeat course must be taken on the same grading basis (numeric or pass/fail) as the first attempt
  • you can't repeat a course at another school and transfer it back if you earned credit for it at OU
  • you can’t drop a course online if you have a hold; you need to do so in person at the Registrar’s Office
  • you can’t drop a course that has a co-requisite; discuss your options with your academic adviser
The Experts
If you're thinking about dropping, withdrawing from or repeating a course, see your academic adviser and ask: 
  • How will this impact my schedule next semester?
  • How will this affect my progress to degree?
  • Will this delay my graduation?
Then, talk to a Student Financial Services representative and ask: 
  • Will this impact my financial aid?
  • Will this impact my scholarship?
  • Will this impact my student loan?
  • Will I owe a bill?
  • Will this impact my campus job?
As you discuss your options with your academic adviser and Student Financial Services, continue attending class, completing assignments and taking exams. That way, if you decide to stay in the course, you will not be behind.
The Deadlines
If you've spoken with your academic adviser and visited Student Financial Services to discuss the possible implications of dropping, withdrawing from or repeating a class, consult the important dates calendar for withdrawal dates and other critical deadline dates.

Remember that you must drop classes on MySAIL before 11:59 p.m. If you need further assistance, you can drop classes in-person or by fax to the Office of the Registrar by 4 p.m.
The Nitty

Dropping Courses
After registration, you may drop a course by logging into SAIL at any time for a given semester until the semester begins. After classes begin, you may withdraw from all courses via SAIL until the last day withdrawals are accepted. For drop/withdrawal period date information, view the academic calendar.  If you need further drop assistance or have a registration hold that prevents you from dropping, you may submit a Registration Request Form.

Withdrawing From Courses
You must officially withdraw by logging into  MySAIL or by using the  Registration Request Form. Simply notifying faculty or ceasing to attend courses does not relieve you from the obligation of officially withdrawing. If you do not officially withdraw within the drop/withdrawal time period, you will remain officially enrolled, and instructors will assign grades as appropriate.

For drop/withdraw date information, view the academic calendar.

Non-Dischargeable Educational Benefits
By registering for courses or contracting for on campus housing at Oakland University, students acknowledge that they have read and accept the Student Business Services Terms and Conditions found on this website.