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Study Resources

The Tutoring Center is committed to helping students feel confident and empowered through developing effective learning techniques. Below, you will find tried and true methods for studying and test-taking, productivity, note-taking and reading, and virtual learning. If you’d like to further discuss how you can apply these to your everyday routine, make sure to schedule an academic coaching appointment.

Explore these study resource categories:
Studying and Test-Taking
Note-Taking and Reading
Virtual Learning

Math Resources
Just Math Videos -  math video tutorials
Paul’s Online Math Notes - math notes, tutorials and review questions.
MTH 0661, 0662 and 1441 Online Textbooks - textbooks used by MTH professors at OU, free access for students.
Mathispower4u Tutorials - math video tutorials - math tutorials, calculators and practice problems. - multiple resources for Calculus students including tutorials, sample exams, and additional helpful websites for students.

Science Resources
Dr. Wang Engineering videos - engineering tutorials in a variety of topics.
Leah4sci - Youtube channel for Organic Chemistry tutorials.
Master Organic Chemistry - another option for Youtube channel for Organic Chemistry tutorials.
Chad’s Prep - free video tutorials for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics, Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry.
AK Lectures - biochemistry video lectures.

General Resources
Quizlet - website that allows you to test your knowledge in different subjects. 
ER Commons - website with free access to hundreds of textbooks and other course materials on many topics (math, science and others) which you can use to find supplemental course materials to read in addition to your own textbook. 
Khan Academy - provides hundreds of helpful videos and practice questions on Math, science, economics, computing, humanities and arts, and reading and language arts. 
Wyzant - lessons and quizzes on subjects such as Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 
The Organic Chemistry Tutor - video tutorials for organic chemistry, general chemistry, physics, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus.
CrashCourse - fun, colorful tutorial videos on a large variety of subjects, with over 12 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Additional OU Campus Resources
The Writing Center - writing help for students in all disciplines.
Online Student Services - help for students learning to navigate Moodle.
Disability Support Services (DSS) - this department on campus assists students with disabilities.