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Pre-Professional Advising

201 Hannah Hall
244 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester , MI 48309-4451
(248) 370-4936

Pre-Professional Advising

201 Hannah Hall
244 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester , MI 48309-4451
(248) 370-4936

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Getting Started

Health programs are competitive, so they want to make sure you are a good
fit for their program.

They will be looking to see if you:

  • Have explored the healthcare field; specifically their field?
  • Would be successful in your coursework in the health program?
  • Can pass the licensing exam?
  • Care about others, including those different from you?
  • Have explored their school and program specifically?
  • Have qualities that make you unique?
Step 1 - Explore Healthcare Options

Healthcare is a great industry to have a career. Are you aware of your different options? Start exploring at

Step 2 - Pre-Health Newsletter

Sign-up for our Pre-Health Newsletter:

  • STEP 1: Search for GrizzOrgs on OU's home page
  • STEP 2: Click on Explore - GrizzOrgs
  • STEP 3: Click Sign-In, then log-in with your NetID and Password
  • STEP 4: Search and click on OU Pre-Professional Advising
  • STEP 5: Click Join

You are now signed up for the Pre-Professional Newsletter.  Look for the newsletter weekly in your OU email.

Step 3 - Understand What You Need to be a "Competitive Applicant"

To be a COMPETITIVE APPLICANT graduate programs expect to see the following:


  • Required Pre-Req Courses
  • Competitive GPA
  • Strong Testing Scores (MCAT, PCAT, GRE, etc)


  • Shadowing in Field
  • Community Service in Urban/Rural Settings
  • Volunteering in Field
  • Active Engagement in Student Organizations (Suggested)
  • Research (Highly Recommended)
  • Direct Patient Contact Hours (Some Programs Require)
    • Tip:

      • Journal
        • Date/s
        • Length of experience
        • Supervisor
        • Supervisor contact info
        • What you did?
        • What you learned?

Letters of Recommendation

  • From Faculty
  • From Supervisors
  • From Healthcare Professions
Step 4 - Review Sample Timeline and Fact Sheets

The Sample Timeline will give you an idea of how to spread out the experiences you need to apply.

Fact Sheets
The Fact Sheets will give you what you need to know about applying to a professional program at a glance.

Step 5 - Sign-Up for Pre-Health - Getting Started Workshop

Click here to sign-up for the Pre-Health - Getting Started Workshop.