School of Nursing

Human Health Building, Room 3027
433 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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(248) 364-8733
M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m. closed daily 12 p.m.-1 p.m.

Staff/Faculty Directory and Faculty Research

The School of Nursing faculty have the skills, experience, expertise and passion to educate the nursing students in our undergraduate and graduate programs. With the rigorous curriculum that combines didactic education with hands-on experiences including simulation.

Academic Advising Office

If you are interested in learning more about admission criteria, the application process, degree requirements and important dates, please attend one of our Program Advising Sessions. These sessions are offered regularly for each program track. The information provided at these sessions is useful for those students who want to learn more about the academic programs offered by the School of Nursing before applying to Oakland University.

Once you have been admitted, you are assigned an academic adviser who will assist you in developing academic, career and life goals and establish plans to accomplish these goals. This is a continuous process of discovery, clarification and evaluation whereby advisers assist students in identifying possibilities, assessing alternatives and weighing the consequences of decisions.

Make an appointment with an academic adviser for your specific program by calling (248) 364-8733 or email See a calendar of program advising/info sessions.

woman in a black and white shirt and glasses smiling at the cameraApril Thomas-Powell, PhD
Director of Advising
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8711
woman in a red shirt smiling at the cameraSarah Mullin, MA, LPC
Senior Adviser,
Basic-BSN track students who started at OU as freshmen
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8770
woman in a black shirt smiling at the cameraKatherine McMullen, MSEd., LPC
Academic Adviser,
Basic-BSN track starting at OU as transfer students
3031 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8854
woman in a green shirt smiling at the cameraPatrina Carper, MA
Senior Adviser,
RN-BSN Degree Completion Sequence for RNs
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8766
woman in a black shirt smiling at the cameraEmily Stepanian-Bennett MA, GCDF
Academic Adviser, Graduate programs
3026B Human Health Building
(248) 364-8782
woman in a black blazer and glasses smiling at the camera

Laura Christensen Saims, MTD
Academic Adviser, Pre-Nursing
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8378

Ben Craine
Records Coordinator, Nursing 
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8739

Debbie Rumley, MA
Academic Advising Assistant
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8733

woman in a blue shirt and blazer smiling at the cameraKathryn Amejka
Director of Clinical Services
3016 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8713
Jill Asselin
Clinical Data and Procedure Specialist
3003 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8768
Justin Ballard
Information Technology Support
3026A Human Health Building
(248) 370-4890

Jennifer Cepnick
Continuing Education Coordinator
Human Health Building
(248) 364-8704

Nydia Chatman
Nursing Workforce Diversity Project Coordinator
3037 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8709

Kristen Damiano
Marketing Coordinator
3021 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8759
woman in a black shirt with colorful stripes, smiling at the cameraSusan Davis
CRNA Program Coordinator
3022 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8774
Gina Giannosa
Ph.D. Program Assistant
2023 Human Health Building
(248) 370-4992
Woman in black jacket smiling at camera
Tanya Griffith
Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer
(248) 364-6120
Morgan Jackson
Faculty Secretary and Undergraduate Program Assistant
3060 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8706
 Kenyettera Junior
Business Manager/Financial Analyst
3056 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8751 
Woman in gray sweater smilingKate Lionas
Event Coordinator
3057 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8723

Faye Luman
Information Technology Specialist
2029 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8728
Paula McCulloch
Clinical Data and Procedure Specialist
3017 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8747

Woman in gray suit smiling at camera

Jackie McIntosh
Director of Philanthropy
3058 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8725

Diane Noack
Director of Nursing Laboratories
4005A Human Health Building
(248) 364-8734
woman in a red shirt smiling at the camera

Alicia Nott
Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Finance
Office Assistant III
3053 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8743

Woman in white shirt smiling at camera

Julie Rank
Executive Secretary to the Dean
3002 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8787

woman wearing glasses and a black sweater smiling at the cameraMichele St. Denis
Assistant Dean
3054 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8717
woman in a blue patterned shirt smiling at the cameraCortney Tokarczyk
Payroll Specialist
Office Assistant III
3055 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8702
woman in a gray shirt smiling at the camera

Colleen Tomaszewski
Graduate Program Assistant
Office Assistant III
3059 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8666

Kelly Walsh
Assistant to the Associate Dean 
3005 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8716
NingNing Zheng
Information Technology Manager 
3025 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8777
Full Time Faculty
For all other faculty, please refer to the directory.

M. Gosha Baumann, DNP, APRN, ACNP-AC, CNOR
Visiting Assistant Professor
2020 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8749

woman in gray jacket smiling at cameraKelly Berishaj, DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, SANE-A
Special Instructor
Forensic Nursing Director
2019 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8750
woman with red hair smiling at the cameraAndrea C. Bittinger, DNP, CRNA
Adjunct Faculty
Clinical Coordinator
Oakland University- Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Graduate Program
2057 Human Health Building
(248) 364-4753 
Primary email:     
Woman in blue smiling at cameraRebecca Boni, PhD, RN, AGCNS
Assistant Professor

2022 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8741
woman in a gray blazer smiling at the cameraCarrie Lynn Buch, PhD, RN
Associate Dean
Associate Professor
3010 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8716
woman in an orange shirt smiling at the cameraPatricia Cameron, RN, PhD, CHPN
Assistant Professor

2043 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8784
woman in a blue shirt and glasses smiling at the cameraTeresa Chahine, MSN, RN, PMHNP
Full Time Adjunct Instructor
2040 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8721
woman in a dark patterned shirt smiling at the cameraNicole Clark, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC 
Full Time Adjunct Instructor
Family NP Lead Faculty
2013 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8763
woman wearing a black shirt, smiling at the cameraKaren S Dunn, PhD, RN, FGSA 
3041 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8746
A headshot of Olga Ehrlich.

Olga Ehrlich, PhD, RN, CHPN
Assistant Professor
2003 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8742

Elizabeth Eisenhauer, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
2044 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8856

woman in a blue shirt smiling at the cameraJudi Fouladbakhsh, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC, AHN-BC,CHTP
Associate Professor
2008 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8731
woman in a black and white shirt smiling at the cameraEllen Gajewski, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, ACNS-BC 
Assistant Professor
2030 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8735

Priscilla Garrett, MSN, RN
Visiting Instructor 
1019 Human Health Building
(248) 370-4847

Raji George, DNP, FNP-BC
Full Time Adjunct Instructor

2021 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8312

woman wearing a black shirt and glasses, smiling at the camera

Toni Glover, PhD, GNP-BC, ACHPN
Associate Professor
2002 Human Health Building
(248) 370-8712
woman in a purple shirt, smiling at the cameraMary Golinski, PhD, CRNA
Associate Professor

Nurse Anesthesia Assistant Director
3020 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8776
woman in a gray shirt smiling at the camera

Claudia Grobbel, DNP, RN, CNL
Associate Professor 

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Track Coordinator
3038 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8722 

woman in a blue shirt in front of a window, smiling at the camera Cheniece Harris, DNP, RN
Full Time Adjunct Instructor

2033 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8779
Meghan HarrisMeghan Harris, PhD, RN
Associate Professor

Lead for Transition of Graduate Program Special Projects
3048 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8762 
woman in a pink shirt, smiling at the cameraDeana Hays, DNP, RN, FNP-BC 
Assistant Professor
3052 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8765 
woman in a red shirt smiling at the camera

Kimberly Holka, DNP, MSN, MSA, RN, APHN-BC, CNE
Special Instructor
RN/BSN Completion Sequence Track Coordinator
2038 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8754

woman in a light blue shirt smiling at the cameraAnne Hranchook, DNP, CRNA
Associate Professor

Nurse Anesthesia Director 
3024 Human Health Building
Oakland: (248) 364-8708
Beaumont: (248) 898-1270
woman in a purple shirt, smiling at the cameraCheryl Jusela, DNP, NP-BC, ANP-C
Assistant Professor
2016 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8769
woman in a black shirt smiling at the cameraZorica Kauric-Klein, PhD, RN
Associate Professor 
3015 Human Health Building 
(248) 364-8745

Erin Kennedy, DNP, RN
Assistant Professor
2017 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8724

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy, DNP, RN, ACNPC-AG
Full Time Adjunct Instructor
MSN Adult Gerontological Acute Care NP Lead Faculty
2032 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8313

woman in a white button down shirt smiling at the cameraPeg Kennedy, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
Full Time Adjunct Instructor
2012 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8736
woman in a black shirt and pink sweater smiling at the cameraSuha Al-OBalli Kridli, PhD, RN 
2004 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8773
woman in a pink and black patterned shirt smiling at the cameraJulie Kruse, PhD, RN
Associate Professor 
3045 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8719

Linda McDonald, DNAP, CRNA
Clinical Coordinator, Oakland University-Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Graduate Program
2055 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8715

woman in a white shirt smiling at the camera, standing outside in front of green treesCarly Miller, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
Full Time Adjunct Instructor 
2031 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8738
woman in a white and black jacket smiling at the camera

Renee Mirovsky, DNP, MSN, RN, ANP-BC 
Adjunct Instructor
MSN Adult Gerontological Primary Care NP Lead Faculty
2014 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8767

kristen munyan

Kristen Munyan, DNP, RN
Undergraduate Program Director
Assistant Professor 
3004 Human Health Building 
(248) 364-8727

woman in a red shirt smiling at the cameraKatie Mysen, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Full-Time Adjunct Instructor 
2034 Human Health Building 
(248) 364-8761
woman in a red and white shirt smiling at the cameraSarah E. Newton, PhD, RN
Associate Professor 

3040 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8771
woman in a black shirt smiling at the cameraJulia Paul, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN, CWS, NP
Associate Professor
3044 Human Health Building 
(248) 364-8796
woman in a black jacket and blue scarf smiling at the camera

Laura I. Pittiglio, PhD, RN  
Associate Professor
Post Masters DNP and PhD Program Coordinator
3039 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8756

Lynda Poly-Droulard

Lynda Poly-Droulard, Ed.D, MSN, M.Ed, RN, CNE
Full-Time Adjunct Assistant Professor
Accelerated Second Degree and Basic Tracks Coordinator
3046 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8757

Laura Rodgers DNAP CRNA v3Laura Rodgers, DNAP, CRNA, CHSE
Adjunct Faculty
Simulation Coordinator, Oakland University-Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Graduate Program  
2063 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8758

Kelly Shakoor, DNP, MS, RN, FNP-BC
Visiting Assistant Professor

1007 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8726

woman with blond hair and blue jacket smiling at camera

Lori Shannon, DNAP, CRNA
Adjunct Instructor and
Clinical Coordinator of the Nurse Anesthesia Program

2061 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8707

woman in a red shirt smiling at the cameraKathleen Spencer, DNP, MSN, MA, RN ACNS-BC, CNE
Special Instructor

2036 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8748
woman in a black sweater smiling at the cameraCarolyn Tieppo, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC, PSN 
Nurse Practitioner Program Director
2042 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8714
woman in a black shirt and purple scarf smiling at the camera

Stephanie Vallie, MSN, RN 
Special Instructor
Simulation Coordinator 
4087 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8772

Alisha Venters, DNP, RN, MSN-Ed
Visiting Assistant Professor

1008 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8804

Special Lecturers

Karlee Bally
3019 Human Health Building

Tiffany Calderon 
3019 Human Health Building

Teresa Conerly, MSN, RN 
3019 Human Health Building

Laura Fodor 
3019 Human Health Building

Man in glasses and lab coat facing cameraRandon Jenkins, DNP, RN, AGPCNP-BC 
3019 Human Health Building

Penelope Kresmery, MS, RN 
3019 Human Health Building

Hila Levy, MSN, BA, RN 
3019 Human Health Building

Amanda Novak, MSN, RN, CPN 
3019 Human Health Building

Carmina Pouncy, DNP, RN, AAS 
3019 Human Health Building

Sharon Ruthenberg, DNP, MSN, RN
3019 Human Health Building

woman wearing a black jacket, standing outside with green trees behind her, smiling at the cameraJudy Didion, PhD, RN
3001 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8787
woman in a gray blazer smiling at the cameraCarrie Lynn Buch, PhD, RN
Associate Dean
3010 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8716
woman wearing glasses and a black sweater smiling at the cameraMichele St. Denis, BA
Assistant Dean
3053 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8717
woman in a black and white shirt and glasses smiling at the cameraApril Thomas-Powell, PhD
Interim Advising Director
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 364-8711
Faculty Research

This Research page aims to inform faculty, colleagues, current and future students, and community members of the research expertise and activities at the Oakland University School of Nursing. Research studies and projects in progress, past research, and research interests are described in the OU SON Research Portfolio which includes Research Summaries of individual faculty and links for further information. This page also provides information and access to the Research Focus and Support Group (RFSG), highlighting the group goals, activities, and outcomes which aim to promote research-creation and collaboration. The RFSG documents offer insights into ongoing research discussion, new and continuing community research partnerships, potential funding opportunities, innovative research methodology, and collaborative opportunities.


Areas of research emphasis at the School of Nursing:

  • Pain & Symptom management: Improving Quality of Life
  • Complementary & integrative Healthcare: Yoga, Qigong & Taiji
  • Vulnerable Populations: Sexual assault, HIV, Aging, Cancer
  • Transformational leadership: Quality healthcare
  • Education Innovations: Simulation, Caring & Diversity
  • Omics: Genomics, Metabolomics & Nutrigenomics

Mission and Goals
The Research Focus & Support Group (RFSG) was created in 2016 by Dr. Judith M. Fouladbakhsh and Dr. Julia Paul to promote dialogue about ongoing and planned research initiatives among faculty at the Oakland University School of Nursing (OU SON). The group aims to provide support and encouragement for research activities through a faculty forum for open dialogue. The RFSG promotes the sharing of research information related to study needs, designs and methodology, data analysis, funding opportunities, and potential collaborations. The meetings and dialogue also allow for interconnections among research-minded individuals, promoting involvement across studies, and increasing the potential for working together on grant submissions, manuscript preparation, and other modes of information dissemination. The overall aim is to promote and support research at the OU SON.

The RFSG meets monthly throughout the academic year and submits reports to the Oakland University School of Nursing Faculty Assembly. Various topics of interest have been discussed at the meetings, information has been shared, and a project to identify research expertise has been completed (2018). A study using Qualtrics was used during the academic year 2017-2018, followed by individual faculty discussions to identify ongoing faculty research, past studies and research interests, and has been compiled in the Research Portfolio. This resource is available to current and future students, faculty, and colleagues such as community partners through the OU SON website.

Meetings are open to all faculty and students (by invitation). Guests may be invited to present relevant information. Meeting schedule will be posted on the Research Website.

Nursing Research Portfolio

The Oakland University Nursing Research Portfolio includes summaries of research studies currently in progress, past completed projects, and research interests of individual faculty members at the School of Nursing. This portfolio was developed using a Qualtrics survey completed by faculty during the Fall semester of 2017, with follow-up in-person and email dialogue conducted by the co-chairs of the Research Focus and Support Group (RFSG). The Portfolio will be updated yearly to reflect changes in research endeavors and development of new initiatives.

The Nursing Research Portfolio can be used to explore research expertise and experiences of faculty to guide new projects, stimulate development of collaborations, and inform current and potential students seeking faculty research mentors.

Access the Nursing Research Summaries (Fouladbahkhsh & Paul, 2020).