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Illness/COVID Policy

As COVID changes and we move forward in our community, the SON, together with our care partners, are changing how we deal with the pandemic in today’s current world. The SON still needs to monitor positive cases and we need to make sure all CDC guidelines are followed. We have respect for our partners and the populations we serve. We need to keep the populations we serve as our priority when we deal with any illness, including COVID. The SON, like Oakland University, is putting responsibility on the individual person to monitor and use critical thinking on how to proceed when ill. This policy may change as conditions warrant.

ILLNESS POLICY: If a student, faculty or staff presents with signs and symptoms of any illness (i.e., cold, flu, GI etc.) they are to STAY HOME. Please DO NOT go to clinical or come to campus. It is recommended you take an at home COVID test to rule out COVID. If that test is NEGATIVE follow the directions below. If it is POSITIVE, follow those directions below. Students, please notify your faculty of your illness and they will give you directions on how to proceed.  Faculty and staff, please notify your supervisor or FOR.

NEGATIVE COVID test: If your test is NEGATIVE, please stay home until your symptoms have resolved. To return to clinical or campus, you must be fever free for 24 hours without meds, and your symptoms are resolved. PLEASE FOLLOW THE ABSENCE POLICY IN THE HANDBOOK FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS FOR RETURN.

POSITIVE COVID test: If you test POSITIVE contact SONCOVID@OAKLAND.EDU. The response team will provide you with directions on how to proceed. You will be isolated according to the most current CDC guidelines. You will be required to wear a mask for 10 full days from onset of symptoms (as per CDC). Please send in a picture of your positive test to