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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or machine intelligence, is focused on understanding and development of intelligent software and hardware systems. AI is rapidly changing the world, with applications in fields ranging from autonomous vehicles, fraud detection and medicine to personal assistants, epidemiology, industrial robots and smart appliances. 

The bachelor program in Artificial Intelligence prepares students for a productive career in industry, lifelong learning, and for graduate study in AI. The BS in AI is strategically designed to build on the strengths of existing computing programs on campus and produce well-rounded students with a balance between strong theoretical foundations as well as practical and hands-on technical skills. The program also includes a strong professional component for the development of skills in technical communication, ethics, and teamwork. The program was designed to satisfy the local and national industry needs and student learning perspectives. When you graduate with a B.S. in AI, you'll have the computer science skills with the added expertise in machine learning and automated reasoning that you'll need to build the AI of tomorrow.

Program educational objectives

  • Understand representations, algorithms and techniques used across works in Artificial Intelligence and be able to apply and evaluate them in applications as well as develop their own.
  • Understand and apply machine-learning techniques, in particular to draw inferences from data and help automate the development of AI systems and components.
  • Understand the various ways and reasons humans are integrated into mixed human-AI environments, whether it is to improve overall integrated system performance, improve AI performance or influence human performance and learning.
  • Understand the ethical concerns in developing responsible AI technologies.
  • Implement AI systems, model human behavior, and evaluate their performance

Adding a minor: Students interested in learning more about a minor in Artificial Intelligence should contact the Minor Faculty Adviser, Dr. Dae-Kyoo Kim ([email protected]). Once approved by Dr. Kim, contact CSE Administrative Assistant, Sherry Rank ([email protected]), to add the minor.

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