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School of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Center, Room 301
115 Library Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-4479
(location map)
Dean's Office: (248) 370-2217
Academic Advising: (248) 370-2201

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Center, Room 301
115 Library Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-4479
(location map)
Dean's Office: (248) 370-2217
Academic Advising: (248) 370-2201

Graduate Resources

The following provide resources for all Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science graduate students.

Admissions and Financing

Information regarding graduate admissions can be found here:

Additionally, information regarding graduate student financial aid options can be found here:

Admissions information for international students can be found here:

Steps to Dissertation Defense

Required Steps to Ph.D. Dissertation Defense and Graduation

  • Student is required to apply for graduation before the semester’s deadline.  Please see the Registrar’s website for the Calendar of Important Dates for each semester’s deadlines.  Apply to graduate on the Graduate Study website.

  • Go to the Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning website for information on format requirements, format deadlines, format manuals and templates, documents regarding the dissertation process flow, and publication requirements.  

  • Have your first format review appointment with the thesis/dissertation coordinator (TDC) in Graduate Study.  This appointment takes place before your defense.  For this appointment you will need a copy of your complete, formatted, and publication ready dissertation for review.

  • The candidate is responsible for arranging the defense date and time with each member of the dissertation advising committee (DAC) and the associate dean (through the associate dean’s assistant).  The template you are required to use for your defense announcement can be found on the Doctoral Students website or by contacting the associate dean’s assistant.  Each committee member is required to attend in person or by Skype.  NOTE: In order to graduate in the semester you applied for, your defense must take place by the Graduate Study deadline for that semester.  There are no exceptions to this deadline.

  • Update your PASS Form and create the defense announcement.  Send both forms to your DAC chair who approves and sends them to the dean’s office.  This must be done at least 16 days prior to your defense.  Your PASS Form will include the title, date and the time of your defense.  Please indicate on your PASS Form whether your publications are journals, conferences, or patents.  The assistant to the associate dean will schedule the room, post your announcement, and notify Graduate Study of your defense date.

  • You are required to have your completed dissertation to your DAC and the associate dean at least 2 weeks prior to your defense.  NOTE: Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your defense.

  • On the day of your defense, the room will be scheduled ½ hour early and extended ½ hour beyond your defense to allow you time to set up and clean up.  Please put all garbage in the trash can and return the room in the same or better condition than you found it.

  • After defense once you have made any changes to your dissertation requested by the committee, send the new version to your committee, repeating this step until the committee is satisfied with your dissertation.  Once you have committee approval, send the final paper copy to the associate dean.

  • Your DAC chair will complete the Dissertation Approval Memo and send this memo to the associate dean’s office. The associate dean will let you know if he/she wants you to make any changes and will forward the signed document to Graduate Study.  This process mustbe done before your final format approval appointment with the TDC in Graduate Study.  NOTE:  Graduate Study’s deadlines are very close together.  From the defense deadline, youonly have 5 business days to receive final format approval from the TDC in Graduate Study.  From the final format approval deadline, you only have 5 business days to submit your copies to the TDC for binding.

  • Please make your final format appointment with the TDC early.  If you defend early in the term, please make this appointment well before the deadline.  NOTE: Presenting a dissertation to Graduate Study at this appointment that is incomplete or not formatted correctly will automatically move you to the next semester’s graduation list.

  • After receiving final format approval from the TDC, make your final submission appointment with the TDC.  This appointment should be made as early as possible.  NOTE: Failure to meet the submission deadline will automatically move you to the next semester’s graduation list.

  • In order to commence, you are required to attend the Commencement Fair.  Two fairs are held each year.  The Fall Commencement Fair is for Summer and Fall graduates and the Spring Commencement Fair is for Winter graduates.  Please see the Registrar’s website for more information.

  • You are encouraged to make an appointment with the assistant to the associate dean to go over any questions you may have about the process.


Graduate Assistantship Opportunities
Teaching Assistantship Opportunities
For teaching assistantship opportunities please fill out the form: Computer Science and EngineeringElectrical and Computer EngineeringIndustrial and Systems EngineeringMechanical Engineering 
Research Assistantship Opportunities
Please contact the faculty members for more information.

Position Available: Ph.D. Research Assistantship, Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, with Dr. Wing-Yue Geoffrey Louie

Position Description:

A funded PhD student position is currently open in the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oakland University (Michigan, USA). The position focuses on conducting research and developing video game engines (e.g., Unreal Engine) to create immersive human-robot interaction experiences to evaluate the efficacy of new robotics technologies. We will be developing tools to conduct multi-user virtual experimentation to investigate human-robot interactions within heterogenous teams with both manned/unmanned autonomous and teleoperated robots. We will also be exploring a combination of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality hardware to improve immersive experiences during virtual experimentation. This work will be in collaboration with local industry in unmanned ground vehicles and Universities in Michigan. The student participating in this project will engage in the following general research areas: 1) Manned/Unmanned Ground Vehicles, 2) Human-Robot Interaction, 3) Virtual Experimentation in Game Engines, 4) VR/AR/XR, 5) Big Data Visualization, 5) Applications of Machine Learning/AI, 6) Robot Vision, 7) Sensor Fusion, and 8) Robotics Control.

Position Requirements:

Applicants should have at minimum a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Applicants are expected to have the following traits:

· Strong programming skills in C++ and Python
· Hands-on experience with real-world robotic systems
· Hands-on experience with game engines
· Hands-on experience with human-robot interactions
· Theoretical and applied knowledge in data analysis
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Capable of independently managing projects

The ideal candidate has also relevant experience with:

· Unreal Engine or equivalent
· Robot Operating System (ROS)
· Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality or OpenGL development
· OpenCV
· Tensorflow/Caffe/Pytorch
· Studying Human-Robot Interactions

Contact: louie@oakland.edu or (248)370-2860

Position Available: Research Assistantship with Dr. Wing-Yue Geoffrey Louie

Position Description
MASc and PhD student positions focusing on teachable robots for society (e.g. personal, service, space, healthcare, manufacturing, and military applications) are currently open in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oakland University. This position will focus on the following general research areas: 1) Robotics, 2) Human-Robot Interaction, 3) Robot Learning from Demonstration, 4) Applications of Machine Learning/AI, 5) Robot Vision, and 6) Sensor Fusion.

Position Requirements
Applicants should have at minimum a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Relevant experience in computer programming (C++ & Python), machine learning, and robotics is desired. Applicants with hands-on experience with Robot Operating System (ROS), real-world robotic systems, and a prior publication record will be strongly considered.

Contact: louie@oakland.edu or (248)370-2860

Positions Available: Ph.D. Positions (Control Systems) with Dr. Jun Chen

Position Description:

Dr. Jun Chen has two available Ph.D. positions in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oakland University. The research areas include (but not limited to) Advanced Control and Optimization, Machine Learning, Automotive Systems, Energy Systems, Embedded Systems.The Ph.D. program is expected to start in August 2020 and fellowship will be awarded for promising competent applicants.

Position Requirements:

Applicants should have a B.S. or M.S. (preferred) degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or a closely related field. Self-motivation,good communication and programming skills are expected. Previous background in control theory,signal processing, machine learning, or embedded systems are highly appreciated. Other experience in mechatronics, electronics, mathematics, and/or modeling are also appreciated. Interested students are highly encouraged to contact Dr. Chen immediately at junchen@oakland.edu with CV, transcripts, a short paragraph of statement of interests, and GRE/TOEFL (if applicable).

Contact: junchen@oakland.edu

Position Available: Research Assistantship with Dr. Mehdi Bagherzadeh.

Position Description
A funded  Ph.D. position in any areas of Software Engineering, Programming Languages or Formal Methods is available in the Department of Computer Science, Oakland University.

Position Requirements
A successful candidate for this position is a highly motivated   student looking for a full-time   Ph.D. position holding a degree in either Computer Science/Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

Contact:  mbagherzadeh@oakland.edu

Note: The subject of your email should read "Fall 2021 PhD student <FIRSTNAME LASTNAME>" and include a 2 page resume (in PDF) and a copy of your latest transcript.

Position Available: Research Assistant with Dr. Daniel Llamocca

Position Description: A Ph.D. student position in Reconfigurable Computing at Oakland University. The successful candidate will work under the direction of Dr. Llamocca. Current research areas include i)hardware development for automotive and video compression applications, ii) embedded system design with FPGAs, and iii) Run-Time Reconfigurable Techniques on FPGAs.

Position Requirements: Applicants should have a B.Sc. degree in electrical/computer engineering. Relevant experience in hardware design, signal processing, and embedded systems is desired. Self-motivation, good programming skills, writing skills, and willingness to work in a collaborative environment are expected.

Contact: llamocca@oakland.edu or (248) 370-4042

Position Available: Research Assistant with Dr. Jonathan Maisonnevue

Position Description: A Ph.D. position in the area of renewable energy systems is currently open in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Oakland University.

Position Requirements: Applicant should hold degree in either mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics or equivalent. Some experience related to biology or chemistry is an asset. Candidates with publication record will be given priority. Please provide CV and transcripts when applying.

Contact: Dr. Jonathan Maisonneuve, maisonneuve@oakland.edu