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Zhijun (Jason) Wu, Ph.D.

Zhijun (Jason) Wu Headshot

Special Instructor
Mechanical Engineering Department
(248) 370-3782
[email protected]

Ph.D., Oakland University


  • Engineering Graphics & CAD
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Fasteners & Bolted Joints


Mechanical behavior of various joining technologies including threaded fasteners, adhesive bonding and spot welding, structural durability, properties of materials, engine component design, computer-aided design and simulation

Selected Publications

  1. Z. Wu, S. Nassar, S. Jagatap, K. Satav, “Thread Forming in Lightweight Material Joints Using Self-Tapping Screws”, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2016, Vol. 138 (9), pp. 091006-1~10

  2. Z. Wu, S. Nassar, and X. Yang, “Axial Fatigue Performance of Medical Screws in Synthetic Bone”, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 2015, Vol. 17, no.2, pp. 192~207

  3. S. Nassar, Z. Wu, K. Moustafa, D. Tzelepis, “Effect of Adhesive Nanoparticle Enrichment on Static Load Transfer Capacity and Failure Mode of Bonded Steel-Magnesium Single Lap Joints”, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2015, Vol. 137, 051024-1~6

  4. Z. Wu, S. Nassar, and X. Yang, “Nonlinear Deformation Behavior of Bolted Flanges under Tensile, Torsional and Bending Loads”, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2014, Vol. 136, 061201-1~8

  5. Z. Wu, S. Nassar, and X. Yang, "Pullout Performance of Self-Tapping Medical Screws," Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2011, Vol. 133, 111002-1~9

  6. X. Yang, S. Nassar, and Z. Wu, "Criterion for Preventing Self-Loosening of Preloaded Cap Screws Under Transverse Cyclic Excitation," Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 2011, Vol. 133, 041013-1~11

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Center, Room 301
115 Library Drive
Rochester , MI 48309-447
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Dean's Office (248) 370-2217
Academic Advising (248) 370-2201