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Sergey F. Golovashchenko, Ph.D., ScD

Sergey F. Golovashchenko Headshot

Mechanical Engineering Department
(248) 370-4051
[email protected]

Ph.D., ScD, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia


  • Fundamentals of Metal Forming
  • Mechanics of Metal Forming
  • Metal Forming Processes
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Leading CLIC Form program preparing engineers to work in manufacturing of sheet metal components


Innovative technologies of sheet metal forming and joining enabling substantial weight savings for automotive industry including high velocity forming and welding methods.

Selected Publications

  1. A.V. Mamutov, S.F. Golovashchenko, N.M. Bessonov, and V.S. Mamutov, “Electrohydraulic Forming of Low Volume and Prototype Parts: Process Design and Practical Examples” Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing, 2021, 5, 47. https://doi.org/10.3390/jmmp5020047
  2. S. Nasheralahkami and S. Golovashchenko, Factors affecting sheared edge quality in stamped parts. Stamping Journal, January-February 2021, p.18-20.
  3. S. Golovashchenko, Controlling edge splitting in sheet metal parts production. Stamping Journal, March-April 2021, p.18-20.
  4. S. Zdravkovic and S. Golovashchenko, Using FEA to analyze self-piercing riveting joints in automotive applications. Stamping Journal, September-October 2020, p.20-23.
  5. N. Reinberg, A. Mokashi, S. Nasheralhkami, Y. Demiralp, and S. Golovashchenko, Draw bead restraining forces in sheet metal drawing operations. Stamping Journal, November-December 2020, p.18-20.
  6. Golovashchenko S., and Nasheralahkami, S. “Determining sheared-edge formability of AHSS.” Stamping Journal, March/April 2020, pp.20-24.
  7. Cheng, J., Green, D.E., and Golovashchenko, S.F. “Formability enhancement of DP600 steel sheets in electro-hydraulic die forming” Journal of Materials Processing Technology. Volume 244, June 2017, pp. 178–189.
  8. Nasheralahkami, S., Golovashchenko, S.F., Dawson, S. and Sohmshetty, R. “Analysis of Tool Wear for Trimming of DP980 Sheet Metal Blanks” SAE International Journal of Engines, April 2017, Volume 10, pp. 1-6.
  9. Hu, X., Sun, S. and Golovashchenko S.F. "An Integrated Finite Element-based Simulation Framework: From Hole Piercing to Hole Expansion," Journal of Finite Elements Analysis and Design, Vol. 109, 2016, Issue C, pp. 1–13.
  10. Wang, N. and Golovashchenko, S.F. "Mechanism of fracture of aluminum blanks subjected to stretching along the sheared edge,” Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 233, 2016, pp.142–160.
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  12. Recently granted US Patents 9,770,780; 9,676,054; 9,527,125; 9,522,419; 9,500,304; 9,421,636; 9,375,775; 9,327,331; 9,296,037; 9,266,190; 9,174,259; 9,168,581.

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