General Education

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Writing Intensive Courses

Writing Intensive in the Major (WIM) and Writing Intensive in General Education (WIG)

Writing intensive courses help students develop advanced writing competency within their major (WIM) and in a discipline outside of their major (WIG).

Courses designated to satisfy WIM or WIG may also satisfy other General Education requirements.

Note to Departmental Units: Assessment plans are not required for WIM and WIG courses.

WIM and WIG courses, like all General Education courses, must be identified as such on the syllabus. Effective Communication must be noted on the syllabus as a University Learning Outcome (ULO) for the course.

Requirements For A Writing Intensive Course

  • Prerequisite: A writing intensive course must require the completion of the university writing foundation requirements.
  • Percentage of writing student's grade: One-third of a student’s grade must be based on assignments requiring substantive writing (papers, projects, reports, etc.).
  • More than one writing format: Students are required to complete a variety of writing assignments, such as written papers, laboratory reports, abstracts, quizzes, examinations, journals, ungraded writing assignments, writing during class, and writing in small groups.
  • Critical inquiry: The writing process and the writing assignments should emphasize critical inquiry, including gathering, interpreting, and evaluating information appropriate to the area of study.
  • Evaluation of both form and content: Written work must be evaluated for format, organization, style, grammar, and punctuation, as well as content.
  • Draft / Feedback / Revision: At least one writing assignment must involve revision after the instructor has provided feedback on a first draft.
  • Assignment of 500 or more words: At least one writing assignment must be an out-of-class or lab assignment of at least 500 words.
  • Total amount of writing: Writing assignments may vary in number and length, but must add up to a minimum of 10 pages or 2,500 words over the semester.

Writing Foundation Requirements