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The Grizzly FLAG program allows you to capture the progression of your transferable skills and keep a live record of your experiences and knowledge base during your undergraduate experience.

This program is designed to help you identify and exemplify the skills and knowledge that you possess, so you can articulate your strengths accurately during future graduate school or employment interviews.

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What are FLAGs?

  • Fundamental
  • Learning outcomes,
  • Achievements and
  • Goals

FLAGs are the fundamental transferable skills that employers and graduate programs expect candidates to possess. These skills are considered transferable, due to their nontechnical and adaptable nature. While technical skills are not always transferable from job to job or field to field, transferable skills can be adapted to fit most any role.

By identifying and tracking your progress in raising your FLAGs, you’ll be prepared to reference your experiences and apply them to applicable situations.

There are so many activities and assignments that you participate in throughout your time as an undergraduate student at OU. Taking the time to reflect upon your experiences and capture the knowledge that you gain while raising your FLAGs, will allow you to more easily write resume and job application bullet points, convey your experiences and strengths during various interview situations and self-advocate for your time here at OU.

Whether you are running for an e-board seat, applying for a research assistant or internship position, interviewing for graduate or professional school or applying for a full-time or part-time job, the ability to communicate your skills and experiences will increase your marketability for any position!

Innovation, Creativity and Technology
Grizzlies are at the forefront of innovating, thinking creatively and leveraging digital technology. They ethically and efficiently use technology to solve problems, complete complex tasks and accomplish their goals. They also have a creative and innovative mindset when completing tasks and solving problems. Grizzlies seek out and recommend emerging tools and technologies to improve existing environments and really set themselves apart with this FLAG.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Golden Grizzlies harness the ability to analyze issues, make decisions and overcome problems by obtaining and interpreting facts and data. They exercise reasoning to resolve errors and make complex decisions based on information researched and collected.

Communication and Listening
Grizzlies articulate their thoughts effectively using written and oral communication skills. They also understand that being a good listener is part of being a good communicator. Grizzlies take the lead with this FLAG and gain public speaking skills, learn to express their ideas clearly and master the art of writing and editing.

Diversity and Inclusion
OU is passionate about maintaining a diverse and inclusive campus for all students. This allows Grizzlies to value, respect and learn from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions. They demonstrate openness, inclusivity, sensitivity and respect when interacting with people from various backgrounds, beliefs and abilities.

Career Management
This FLAG is all about identifying and setting goals for employment while at OU or after graduation. Grizzlies explore and identify strengths, areas for growth and career paths using this FLAG. They explore career options and understand how to take steps to self-advocate and pursue their dream opportunities.

Teamwork and Collaboration
Grizzlies have the opportunity to build collaborative relationships with diverse students, alumni, staff and faculty members at OU. Grizzlies can also work effectively in a team with multiple viewpoints while delivering outstanding outcomes with this FLAG.

Professionalism, Work Ethic and Integrity
FLAGs raised at OU lead to Grizzly greatness in the workplace. Grizzlies demonstrate effective work-habits like punctuality, time management and accountability. Also understand the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication on their professional work image. Grizzlies use integrity to build trust and establish long-lasting rapport in their interactions.

With teamwork and collaboration comes an opportunity to stand out as a leader. Grizzlies thrive using this FLAG by leveraging the strengths of their team members and using their communication FLAG to coach and motivate the team as a whole. They can assess and manage ideas and thoughts brought forward in the group and organize, prioritize and delegate work.
How to raise your FLAGs

To raise your FLAGs, consider the following:

Academic Programming
Many FLAGs can be developed in class. For example, you can develop your Communication and Listening FLAG by participating in class presentations and by interacting with your classmates to accomplish assignments.

Join a student organization
There are over 200 student organizations at OU! By joining one (or more!) you’ll work to raise your FLAGs throughout your time here at Oakland. During your upperclassmen years, you could join an organization e-board to raise your Leadership and Teamwork and Collaboration FLAGs.

Get an on-campus job
On-campus jobs help raise many of your FLAGs simultaneously! For example, these jobs can raise your Professionalism, Work Ethic and Integrity FLAG by giving you experience in a professional work environment.

Complete an internship or participate in experiential learning
Similarly, to on-campus jobs, internships help you raise many FLAGs at once. For example, an internship will allow you to make progress in raising your Career Management FLAG by giving you direct, career-related work experience.

Join a club or intramural sport
Sports are a great way to raise your Teamwork and Collaboration FLAG.

Volunteer in the community
Volunteering allows you to raise your Diversity and Inclusion FLAG by potentially exposing yourself to another culture or lifestyle.