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Ken Morris Center

The Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work is a division of Oakland University's Department of Human Resources Development in the School of Education and Human Services. Any Oakland University student may select a minor in Labor and Employment Studies through coordination with the Center. 

Founded in 1972 as a Labor Education Program, the Center was renamed in 1983 for Ken Morris. Mr. Morris, a charter member of the Oakland University Board of Trustees from 1971 to 1991, was instrumental in formulating policy and securing funding for labor education at Oakland University.

Employment Systems and Standards Minor
The primary goal of the Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor and Work with its employment systems and standards minor program, is to help develop potential leaders who possess the analytic, interpersonal and organizational skills to respond to human needs in an era of rapid social change. The program seeks to join education, skill development and service in the pursuit of this goal. Decision making abilities are enhanced through field experiences and hands-on internship assignments. Learn more about the employment systems and standards minor.

Earnings from an endowment fund established by Ken Morris are earmarked for use by the Center to emphasize and support the opportunities for students, primarily of Oakland University, to engage in practical learning experience within the labor movement. Scholarships support directed studies, field work or internships. Additional contributions to support student scholarship and internship experiences by labor organizations, business/industry, and individuals are also encouraged.

Faculty Coordinator:
Michael P. Long, J.D., Associate Professor, Human Resource Development
[email protected]

Department of Organizational Leadership

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456 Pioneer Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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Educational Leadership
Pawley Hall, Room 480D
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Human Resource Development
Pawley Hall, Room 475E
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