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Wilson Hall
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Rochester, Michigan 48309-4486
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(248) 370-2762
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David Stone, smiling at the camera.

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The Research Office is dedicated to the highest level of timely service to researchers, administrators, external sponsors and support staff. To contact someone in our office, locate the general area of interest and contact the responsible Research Office official. You can ask our administrative team for help directing you to the correct person, at: tel (248) 370-2762, email [email protected], or fax (248) 370-2973.  To contact the Grants and Contracts Administration group, email [email protected].  The Research Office is located on the 5th floor of West Wilson Hall.

David Stone, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research
[email protected]
Dave Stone bio

Contact David for information about:

  • I2B Program
  • Incubators
  • OU & Economic Development Projects

Tara Baird
Regulatory Compliance Specialist
[email protected] 248-370-4306

Contact Tara for information about:

  • Cayuse IRB access
  • IRB submissions: Initial, Modifications, Renewals and Closures
  • Not Research and Not Human subject research letters.
  • General Questions about the IRB process

Laura Beck
Grants and Contracts Assistant
[email protected]

Contact Laura for information about:

  • URC Awards
  • Provost Student Awards

Andrea Buford, Ph.D.
Director of Sponsored Programs
[email protected]

Contact Andrea for information about:

  • Proposal submissions if you are in Nursing or Health Sciences
  • Research development opportunities or assistance if you are in Nursing or Health Sciences
  • Grant and Contract Awards
  • Time & Effort Reporting
  • Progress Reports
  • Proposal compilation & submission – SECS 
  • Grant budgets

Caity Conley
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Contact Caity for information about:

  • General inquiries
  • Scheduling Dr. Stone
  • Cayuse for IBC and IACUC

Paul Fontaine
Community Engaged Research Coordinator
[email protected]

Contact Paul for information about:

  • Community Engaged Research Partnerships

Adeline Gonzales
Senior Grant & Contract Officer
[email protected]

Contact Adeline for information about:

  • Proposal compilation & submission – CAS, SEHS, SBA
  • Grant budgets

Judette Haddad
IRB Manager
[email protected]

Contact Judette for information about:

  • Human subjects research rules and regulations
  • IRB application submission process
  • Cayuse IRB training
  • Human subject research training
  • Collaborative research and IRB reliance agreements

Janell Hallauer
Laboratory Compliance Specialist, Biosafety Officer
[email protected]

Contact Janell for information about:

  • Laboratory Safety and Compliance
  • Biosafety

Jacqueline Hencsie
Grant & Contract Officer
[email protected]

Contact Jacqui for information about:

  • Post award management - main contact for: CAS, ERI, SOM
  • Grant and Contract awards
  • Time & Effort Reporting

Stephen Kent, MBA
OU INC Manager, Client Strategist
[email protected]

Contact Stephen for information about:

  • High Tech Start-up Support
  • MEDC Entrepreneurial Programs
  • OU INC inquiries

McKenzie Lockhart
Grant & Contract Officer
[email protected]

Contact McKenzie for information about:

  • Post award management - main contact for: SECS, SEHS, SON, Student Affairs & Diversity
  • Grant and Contract awards
  • Time & Effort Reporting

Domenic Luongo, MSc, CHMM
Director, Research Compliance and Integrity
[email protected] 248-370-4314

Contact Domenic for information about:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Laboratory Safety and Compliance
  • Research Misconduct
  • Conflicts of Interest

Richard Marble
Animal Research Facility Manager
[email protected] 248-370-4440

Contact Richard (Rick) for information about:

  • BRSF information

Shamon Murdock
Business Manager
[email protected]

Contact Shamon for information about:

  • Budget / Accounting
  • Purchase Orders
  • Check deposits
  • GReAT awards

Janet Palmer
OU INC Office Manager
[email protected]

Contact Janet Palmer for information about:

  • OU INC Leased Space
  • OU INC Meeting Room Scheduling & Rental
  • OU INC Appointment Scheduling

Robert Perreault, MOL, CHMM
Hazardous Waste Specialist
[email protected] 248-370-4956

Contact Bob for information about:

  • Hazardous Waste pick up
  • Medical Waste pickup
  • Recyclables pick up

Thomas Perorazio, Ph.D.
Grant & Contract Officer
[email protected]

Contact Tom for information about:

  • Proposal compilation & submission – SECS 
  • Grant budgets

Lori Simoes
Research Development Officer
[email protected]

Contact Lori for information about:

  • Research, budget, and proposal development for faculty in Engineering (SECS), Business (SBA), and Education (SEHS)
  • Invention, intellectual property and patent management
  • Contracts and agreements with external partners such as sponsored research agreements and non-disclosure agreements

Agatha Smith
OU INC Business Manager
[email protected]

Contact Agatha for information about:

  • OU INC Budget
  • OU INC Digital Marketing
  • OU INC Performance Metrics

Michael Spires
Research Development Officer
[email protected]

Contact Michael for information about:

  • Research, budget, and proposal development in the physical, mathematical, and life sciences; the arts and humanities (CAS); medicine (OUWB); and the Eye Research Institute (ERI).

Susan Willner
Grant & Contract Officer
[email protected]

Contact Sue for information about:

  • Post award management
  • Grant and Contract awards
  • Time & Effort Reporting
  • URC Awards
  • Provost Student Awards