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Tom Giberson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership.  He has a variety of research interests, including leadership, organizational culture, and the future of higher education. He is involved in a variety of service activities, including supporting local school districts through large-scale change efforts.  He also actively consults with organizations on issues relating to top team development, HR system design and implementation, and executive development. His personal interests include studying jazz guitar, golf, and mountain biking.

Courses Taught

  • Staffing
  • Team Theory and Development
  • Leadership Theory and Development
  • Organization Development and Change

Professional Interests

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Culture
  • Higher Education

Selected Publications

Templeton, G.F., Xin, L., Giberson, T.R., & Capbell, N. (2012) Leader personal influences on membership decisions in moderated online social networking groups. Decision Support Systems, 54, 655-664.

Giberson, T.R (2010). Performance capabilities and competencies at the undergraduate and graduate levels for performance improvement professionals. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 22 (4), 99-120.

Giberson, T.R., Resick, C.R., Dickson, M.W., Mitchelson, J.K., & Randall, K.R (2009) Leadership and organizational culture: Linking leader characteristics to cultural values.  Journal of Business and Psychology, 24, 123-137.

Giberson, T.R. & Giberson, G.A. (Eds.) (2009). The Knowledge Economy Academic and the Commodification of Higher Education. Hampton Press: Cresskill, NJ. (Part of peer reviewed series: Understanding Education and Policy)

Giberson, T.R., Black, B., & Pinkerton, E. (2008). The Impact of Student-Clinical Instructor Fit and Student-Organization Fit on Physical Therapy Clinical Education Experience Outcomes. Journal of Physical Therapy Education, 22(1), 56-61.

Giberson, T.R., Tracey, M.W., & Harris, M.T. (2006). Confirmative evaluation of training outcomes: Using self-report measures to track change at the individual and organizational level. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 19 (4), 35-54.

Giberson, T. R., Resick, C. J., & Dickson, M. W. (2005). Embedding leader characteristics: An examination of homogeneity of personality and values in organizations. Journal of Applied Psychology, 90(5), 1002-1010.


  • SEHS Dean Search Committee
  • Committee on Appointment and Promotion (past member and chair)
  • Variety of Departmental Committees

Department of Organizational Leadership

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