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Shannon Flumerfelt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership, an Endowed Professor of Lean, and the coordinator of the online Education Specialist degree program. 

She is interested in organizational improvement, leadership development and educational change.  As a qualitative educational researcher, she works on many interdisciplinary projects with quantitative researchers and a variety of practitioners, especially in engineering.  Her current research focuses on content/competency designs for educational delivery, the development of an organizational improvement tool, and lean program development.

Courses Taught

  • EA701:  Internship Experience I
  • EA702:  Internship Experience II
  • EA740:  School As a Formal Organization
  • EA741:  School Business Management
  • EA743:  Professional Seminar
  • EA746:  Curriculum, Instruction, and Staff Development

Professional Interests

  • Lean, Lean Six Sigma Applications
  • Educational Reform, Innovation and Improvement
  • Engineering Education
  • Online, Flipped Learning

Selected Publications

Flumerfelt, S., Ingram, I., Smith, J., & Brockberg, K. (Summer 2009). An examination of professional goal plans and leadership ethics.  Journal of Scholarship and Practice, 6(2). 10-20.

Maxfield, R., Flumerfelt, S. & Feun, L. (Winter 2009). The empowering principal: Leadership behaviors needed by effective principals as identified by emerging leaders and principals. The International Journal of Teacher Leadership, 2(2). 1-12.

Ingram, I. & Flumerfelt, S. (Spring 2009).  Ethical development and diversity training for educational leaders. School Leadership Review, 4(2), 55-78.

Flumerfelt, S. (2007).  Developing educational leaders:  Using MBTI Form M in an online environment.  Journal of Psychological Type, 11, 103-113.

Flumerfelt, S.  (April, 2013). Connect the dots through lean value stream mapping. Government Finance Review.

Amen, H., Flumerfelt, S., Halada, G. & Kahlen, F. J. (March, 2012). Complexity by design:  [Crowdsourcing Project]. Mechanical Engineering.

Amen, H., Flumerfelt, S., Halada, G. & Kahlen, F. J. (December, 2011). Complexity and consequence:  [Crowdsourcing Project]. Mechanical Engineering.

Flumerfelt, S., Kahlen, F. J., Alves, A., Siribang-Manalang, A. &.  (In press, ASME Press, 2014) Lean engineering education: Driving change through systems, sustainability and ethics competency.

Flumerfelt, S. (2012). Lean essentials for school leaders. Destin, FL: Charactership Lean Publishing.

Flumerfelt, S. & Soma, P. (2012). Lean essential for schools: Transforming the way we do business. Destin: Charactership Lean Publishing.

Department of Organizational Leadership

Pawley Hall, Room 480B
456 Pioneer Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-2730

Educational Leadership
Pawley Hall, Room 480D
(248) 370-3070
fax: (248) 370-4605

Human Resource Development
Pawley Hall, Room 475E
(248) 370-4109
fax: (248) 370-4095