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Workshops and Events


OU faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to participate in any programs of interest, and can track their professional development as desired. To stay apprised of upcoming events, sign up for CETL announcements.

Workshop participants can track their professional development.

Want to lead a session, or share an idea?

If you are looking for a place to share teaching practices, try out a strategy, or present scholarly teaching work, lead a session with us by filling out this form.

Events are now located in our new space on the 4th floor of the library! On-campus events are listed in our new space: 430R Kresge Library.

Fall 2023 Events

Click on the titles or the register link to enroll in our upcoming events or to view resources from our past events.

Kickoff Event: Endurance in Teaching, with guest speaker Brian Dalton

Tuesday, September 19
Let’s get energized and motivated in teaching! Brian Dalton, a language arts teacher at Rochester Community Schools who guides educators on teaching for endurance, leads us in celebrating a new academic year. View recording and resources.

Highlighting Teaching Excellence Award Winners

Wednesday, October 4, 3-4pm.
CETL and the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning are proud to co-sponsor a special session highlighting and celebrating the teaching excellence of our 2023 Teaching Award Winners. Come and hear their stories and how they engage, inspire and connect with students, and learn about the call for nominations for the 2024 Teaching Awards. Register for the TEA Event

Teaching Toolbox

Learn while engaging in foundational teaching practices, essential for newer instructors but great for all faculty looking to expand their teaching skills. Topics will include active learning, motivation, implicit bias, assessment, and metacognition. Facilitated by CETL’s Sarah Hosch and Christina Moore. 
For more on these topics, see the Teaching Toolbox eSpace (login required).

Monthly “Hot Topics” Discussions

Are you wondering about hot topics like ChatGPT and AI or inclusive teaching? Connect and interact through informal and fun discussions led by knowledgeable voices on the topics. Lightly facilitated by CETL’s Sarah Hosch and Christina Moore.

Teaching Talks, from OU Faculty

If you are looking for a place to share teaching practices, try out a strategy, or present scholarly teaching work, we want to hear your voice! Be inspired by your peers and sign up to attend these talks! Lead a Teaching Talk.

Events Beyond CETL

CETL collaborates with and helps promote OU events related to teaching and learning. If you would like to add an upcoming event, please contact Christina Moore.

Teaching with Technology, Online Teaching, and Moodle (e-LIS)

e-Learning and Instructional Support offers one-hour Zoom workshops on best practices, teaching presence, and advanced tools in Moodle. View all upcoming e-LIS workshops.

From the Center for Excellence in Medical Education, OUWB School of Medicine

Browse a full schedule and register for online events on implicit bias, wellness, and SAFE training and more.

Teaching Symposium

2023 Teaching and Learning Symposium

Friday, May 5, 2023

Over 70 people joined us throughout the day to reflect on teaching, learn about the engaging teaching work happening on our campus, and evaluating our assessment and grading practices. If you missed part or all of the day, or would like to revisit a talk or activity, look through our symposium handout, which includes links to a YouTube playlist of the day’s events plus resource documents and slides associated with each event.

Keynote: What Do I Do after the Alternative Grading Keynote?

David Clark, co-author of Grading for Growth and mathematics professor at Grand Valley State University 

How many times have you left a keynote on fire with great ideas, inspired to go out and make a difference, and then suddenly…  wait, what do I actually do now? That’s the goal of this talk: to help you take the next steps on your journey with alternative grading. You’ll learn concrete ways to plan an alternatively graded class, resources that can guide you, and frameworks to help you make decisions when the unexpected happens.

Interactive Session: Abundance and Scarcity

David Clark

Some things are abundant, and others are scarce. In teaching and especially in assessment, we often artificially limit more abundant resources: limited time to submit work, a limited number of reassessments, a limited number of A's. Sometimes there's a good reason for this scarcity, and other times it's just the way things have always been done. Let's question some of these assumptions.

Teaching Talks, from OU Faculty

The Teaching Talks are short presentations to showcase how the teaching work of faculty from different departments has extended into research, scholarship, and/or service and community engagement. 

Inclusive Design Thinking for Teaching and Learning

Education for social change creates an inclusive learning environment for my special topic class, Design thinking in UI/UX (user interface/experience). This course focuses on developing a social entrepreneurial business that takes a mobile application as a primary platform. This presentation shows how theoretical frameworks centering on design thinking and project-based learning motivate students to become integral agents in society and business.

Dho Yee Chung is an Assistant Professor in the department of Art and Art History. Dho Yee’s teaching and research focus on cultural and social inequality inherent in emerging visual media and technology. She observes injustice related to identity, race, and social status in the digital space, interprets it from a graphic design perspective, and applies her scholarly interests to learning environment.

Designing and Enacting Care in the Asynchronous Learning Environment

For educators and learners in a completely asynchronous environment, establishing engagement and a learning relationship can be extremely challenging. A pedagogy, or ethics, of care (as derived from the work of Nel Noddings) centers the affective domain in learning and can be strategically incorporated into asynchronous courses and content to support learner success.

Katie Greer has been interested in the best practices for online teaching and learning since coming to OU in 2011. She teaches LIB 2500, a completely asynchronous general education course from the libraries, and although a pedagogy of care was always something she strove for, after the 2020 pandemic it became a more intentional focus of her teaching. 

Sharks, Crows, and Rays--Oh My! Providing Undergraduate Students with Research Opportunities That Can Benefit Exotic Animal Care and Welfare

Results from recent collaborative undergraduate research projects focusing on animal behavior and welfare will be highlighted, along with a brief discussion of how advising undergraduate research can be balanced with the teaching-focused Special Lecturer role.  

Dr. Sandra Troxell-Smith has been teaching at OU for the past 5 years, and has worked with and within various zoos for several decades. She is thrilled to teach the Biology Department’s Animal Behavior Lecture and Lab courses (among others), which allows her to share her personal passions for captive animal welfare and conservation directly with her students.  

Integrating Authentic Research Experiences with Classroom Education and Community Outreach

Scripted "cookbook" experiments are excellent tools to showcase standard laboratory procedures but they do not reflect the scientific research process. The presentation will highlight current efforts to bring authentic research experiences into classrooms to help improve student attitudes toward the STEM fields. 

Dr. Wu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry. He teaches the Biochemistry lecture and laboratory curriculum, and uses VR-technology, 3D printing, and other useful tools to bring his scientific topics to life.

Past Workshops and Events

Missed a workshop? View workshop recordings and resources.

A Competency Approach to Graduate Education

Wednesday, February 8, 3-4pm, 200A Elliott Hall.

Marvin Nieman, PhDVice Dean for Graduate Education and Professor, Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University will be sharing insights into the reform of graduate education using his work on competency-based graduate training programs. To achieve the goal of training professional scientists, graduate programing can be strengthened by using competencies to focus on both knowledge acquisition and skills, such as critical thinking and communication. View Resources.

Diversity Challenge 2022

The Winter 2022 Diversity Challenge celebrates the expertise, talent and experience of university faculty, staff and students dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. While challenges can be completed at any time, weekly challenges began in January and continue through March. Visit the Diversity Challenge 2022 eSpace (OU login required).

Instructional Fair

Co-sponsored by the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee

Browse a variety of posters and displays with faculty's best ideas on effective instructional strategy, active learning, learning resources, classroom activities that they use to promote student success. The poster presentation format allows attendees to collect guides to these ideas and network with faculty and staff.

Share what works well in your classroom, tips on how to design engaging assignments, or tools and resources that have been helpful in teaching and learning. Presenting with your students is highly encouraged!

View 2019 event video, Instructional Fair Booklet, event photo albumpresentation list, plus quotes from faculty and student presenters.

Past Event Resources

Browse the 2018 Instructional Fair Booklet. This includes handouts for all presentations featured at the event.

Download the 2017 Instructional Fair Booklet.
Download the 2015 Instructional Fair Booklet.
Download the 2013 Instructional Fair Booklet.

Guest Speaker Events

In partnership with offices on campus such as Student Affairs & Diversity and OUWB Center for Excellence in Medical Education, we regularly offer special events on teaching and learning. Below are recordings and resources from our past events.