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SMS messaging, also known as text messaging or GrizzText, is an additional method of communication that Oakland University will use to communicate with the student population. GrizzText will be utilized by authorized university departments to relay information for things such as account information, academic advising, registration, financial aid messages, and campus events.

All areas requesting GrizzText must have a university approved technical lead, from their area, assigned to request, set up and to manage the account with the text messaging provider. 

Departments interesting in engaging students in mass texting must adhere to the following:

Send request to UCM for approval detailing:

  • Name of proposed texting channel
  • Goal to texting students
  • Student population targeting
  • Frequency of texts
  • Employees dedicated to manage communication e.g. reply to text messages
    • Identify your areas technical lead to manage the account 
    • The expectation is that messages are responded to quickly and that each department has FTE’s ready to respond to inquiries
  • Process of handling opt ins and opt outs
  • Outline of the first 6 months of text messaging

UCM will determine whether the department is appropriate for distribution to the requested student population and whether it makes sense as a stand alone channel. Keep in mind that student's do not necessarily understand university departmental organization structures.

Once the plan is finalized, please fill out the approval form and UCM will contact with any follow up questions.

Text Messaging Approval Form

Other Helpful Tips:

  1. Individuals must opt in for receipt of GrizzText to ensure that their personal details held by the university are updated with any changes to their mobile phone number. Prior opt-in for related purposes is sometimes sufficient - UCM can help evaluate.

  2. All approved officials must abide by all university text messaging policy and ensure:
    1. the message is valid
    2. the wording is appropriate
    3. the circulation list is correct

  3. GrizzText must not be used as the sole means of communicating an essential message or announcement. The text message must be supplemented by some other means of communication, e.g. an email or paper notice to ensure that all students, including those without a mobile phone, receive the message.

  4. GrizzText must not be used for:
    1. general information to large populations i.e. “Fall classes start Monday!”
    2. repeat reminders of messages already circulated
    3. personal matters e.g., items for sale, farewell messages 

  5. All messages must be tagged with the appropriate identifier e.g., school, administrative office so that the recipients of the text can see immediately where it originated.

  6. Messages should be no longer than 160 characters and should address the student directly, i.e. as 'you'. They should include essential points plus the instruction: 'check your email for full details' or 'full details to follow by internal post'. When possible abbreviations and txt lingo should be kept to a minimum.

  7. Oakland University Emergency Alerts are provided through a different service. If you'd like to opt-in to receive emergency alert texts, visit the Oakland University Emergency Text Messaging page

  8. eBill (electronic billing) notifications are a completely unrelated to this program. For more information visit the Student Financial Services eBill page
  9. Additional details and requirements  may be found in Broadcast Text Messaging Policy 425.