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Television screen with a photo of Ora Hirsch Pescovitz and details about an event titled "Ask Ora!"

Digital Displays (Axis TV)

There are about a dozen digital displays (Axis TVs) strategically placed around OU's campus that allow messages to rotate in a loop as students pass by. The displays are aimed at providing students important information and reminders to assist them in their time at Oakland as well as to let them know about campus events.

UCM provides design services so that your messaging on these displays will match and support other materials used for the campaign or event. Contact your account manager for more information. Various departments manage playlists for their respective displays, but UCM can also manage uploading these images for you. We recommend that any design made for the display be made in the three standard sizes used on every display. This ensures your message will be able to fit within the template of all of the displays on campus.

The displays are not meant for internal messaging for faculty/staff.