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A young woman taking photographs of a person seated on a blanket outside, reading a book.


UCM has staff resources to offer centralized photographic services to the campus community. Like most agencies, UCM has moved to an all-digital environment (shooting and archiving). Contact us for any of your photographic needs.

Photo Shoots

Photo shoots generally fall into three categories:

  1. VIP/donor events, for which departments will need prints or digital images
  2. News events, which UCM covers for The News at OU or other university publications, such as OU Magazine
  3. Faculty/staff/student staff headshots (pre-scheduled each month)

To schedule a photo shoot, contact your account manager with specifics, including: photography date and time, description of what/who needs to be photographed, and fund number. We will assign one of several pre-screened photographers in the area who offer competitive rates and are familiar with OU’s procedures. After the assignment, the photographer will return his/her invoice and photo disc to UCM, and your fund will be charged, with the expense appearing in Banner under account K053. You will be contacted when the prints/disk are ready for pick-up. The images will be archived in our digital photo archives.

Monthly Headshots

If you can't see the form below, you can access the sign-up here: 

Headshot Form