Communications and Marketing

Anibal House
630 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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(248) 370-3184
fax: (248) 370-3182

Staff Directory

Kathy Angel
Graphic Designer
(248) 370-3185

Jon-Paul Bakaric
Multimedia Producer
(248) 370-3206
A professional headshot of Brian Bierley.
Brian Bierley
Director of Media Relations
(248) 370-4346
A professional headshot of Vanessa Bridenbaugh.
Vanessa Bridenbaugh
Graphic Designer
Headshot of Sean Delaney
Sean Delaney
Public Information Specialist
(248) 370-3139
Professional head shot of Michael Downes
Michael Downes
Content Coordinator
(248) 370-3137
A head shot of Sarah Griffith.
Sarah Griffith
Videographer and Multimedia Designer
(248) 370-4366
Dave Groves
David Groves
Director of Campus Communications
(248) 370-2759

Kristina Heuvers
Casual Designer
A headshot of Adam Komeshak.
Adam Komeshak
Web Developer
A headshot of Shelby Kramer
Shelby Kramer
Production Director
(248) 370-3601
A headshot of Jennesa Kreiner.
Jennesa Kreiner
Unit Marketing Coordinator
(248) 370-2174

Debra Lashbrook
Creative Director
(248) 370-4347

Janet Leigh
Business and Financial Analyst
(248) 370-3180
Professional head shot of Kristina Lindberg
Kristina Lindberg
Marketing Writer
(248) 370-4755
A professional headshot of Lauryn Miceli.
Lauryn Miceli
Web Architect
(248) 370-2673
A professional headshot of Emily Morris.
Emily Morris
Marketing Coordinator
(248) 370-3691

Todd Nucci
Director of Marketing and Digital/Web Services
(248) 370-4698
Headshot of Courtney O'Reilly
Courtney O'Reilly
Website Director
(248) 370-4113
Photo Not Available
Nancy Potton
Production Coordinator
(248) 370-2671

Eric Reikowski
Public Information Manager
(248) 370-4348
Professional image of Amy Ritt
Amy Ritt
Marketing Writer
(248) 370-3188
A professional headshot of Cheryl Russell.
Cheryl Russell
Senior Marketing Account Manager
(248) 370-2945
A headshot of Rebbecca Steketee.
Rebbecca Steketee
Office Assistant III
(248) 370-3198
A professional headshot of Nykiera Hill
Nykiera Thomas
Social Media Coordinator
(248) 370-4537
A professional headshot of Kelli Warshefski.
Kelli Warshefski
Editorial Content Manager
(248) 370-2809

John Young
Vice President of Communications and Marketing
(248) 370-2946