Undergraduate Admissions

East Wilson Hall, Room 2000
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester , MI 48309-4486
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(248) 370-3360
Text: (248) 712-3361

Office Hours
M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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At Undergraduate Admissions, we bleed black and gold. Sure, we're admissions professionals… but we're so much more than that. We pursue advanced degrees at OU, cheer our Golden Grizzlies in the stands, spearhead volunteer programs, take charge of committees, and always think of new ways to make things better. We are the warriors of recruitment and enrollment, and the ambassadors for everything OU.

Through campus tours, campus visit programs, high school and community college visits, and informational fairs, we connect with prospective students and families almost every day of the year. Admissions advisers are available to answer questions about the application process or general Oakland University information.

Questions? Call (248) 370-3360 or text (248) 712-3361 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to speak with our staff. For more detailed questions you may wish to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Adviser, which you can do by viewing our calendar or by calling (248) 370-3360.

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Undergraduate Admissions Advisers

A professional headshot of Katrina Adrian in a black Oakland University shirt.

Katrina Adrian
Senior Recruitment Adviser
(248) 370-4478
Get to know Katrina

A professional headshot of Mikayla Gipson in a black Oakland University shirt.

Mikayla Gipson
Senior Recruitment Adviser
(248) 370-2861
Get to know Mikayla

A headshot of Jessie Gutierrez-Arredondo

Jessie Gutierrez-Arredondo
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-2336

A professional headshot of Kourtney Howard.

Kourtney Howard
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4458
Get to know Kourtney

A professional headshot of Erika LeDonne in a black Oakland University shirt.

Erika LeDonne
Senior Recruitment Adviser
(248) 370-3280
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A professional headshot of Alanna L. in a black Oakland University shirt.

Alanna Lucido
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4472
Get to know Alanna

A professional headshot of Ruthie Paula in a black Oakland University shirt.

Ruthie Paulus
Senior Recruitment Adviser
(248) 370-4644
Get to know Ruthie

A professional headshot of Olivia R. in a black Oakland University shirt.

Olivia Rademacher
Regional Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4462
Get to know Olivia

Silhouette of the Grizz bear mascot waving at the camera.

Kailee Rakes
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-2113
Get to know Kailee

Silhouette of the Grizz bear mascot waving at the camera.

Lauren Roy
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-2360
Get to know Lauren

A professional headshot of Hannah Stanhope in a black Oakland University shirt.

Hannah Stanhope
Admissions Adviser
(248) 370-4523
Get to know Hannah

Undergraduate Admissions Staff

Shane Lewis posing for a professional headshot wearing a black suit and tie

Shane Lewis
Director of Admissions
(248) 370-4431

A professional headshot of Steve Szalay in a black Oakland University shirt.

Steve Szalay
Assistant Director, Enrollment Information & Analysis
(248) 370-4468

Silhouette of the Grizz bear mascot waving at the camera.

Associate Director of Operations & Finance

A professional headshot of Kelly Flemming in a black Oakland University shirt.

Kelly Flemming
Senior Associate Director
(248) 370-4518

A professional headshot of Sharise Lucas-Perry in a black Oakland University shirt.

Sharise Lucas-Perry
Associate Director of Recruitment
(248) 370-3363
Get to know Sharise

A professional headshot of Drew Huff.

Drew Huff
Assistant Director of Campus Visits
(248) 370-4467
Get to know Drew

A headshot of Kevin Gabon

Kevin Gabon
Office Assistant
(248) 370-4556

A headshot of Joe DiFranco

Joe DiFranco
Visit and Telecenter Specialist
(248) 370-4149

Get to know Joe

A professional headshot of Ashley Sweeney in a black Oakland University shirt.

Ashley Sweeney
Graduate Assistant
(248) 370-4149

A professional headshot of Eddie W. in a black Oakland University shirt.

Eddy Werdene
Graduate Assistant
(248) 370-4149