Faculty and Staff

The University aims to build a community that values each student and helps promote safety and respect for all. Faculty and staff must strive to create and maintain a safe, welcoming and respectful campus community.

If a student reports an incident of sexual misconduct by another student, as a faculty or staff member, you must report the matter to the Dean of Students. If the reported offender is not a student, please report to the Title IX Coordinator. The OUPD may also be contacted and is the University’s first responder to any safety concerns. Contact information for each is provided below.

Emergency Contact Numbers
OU Police Department
Dial 911 (campus phone) or (248) 370-3331 (cell phone)
Send a text to 67283 and include “OUPD” at the beginning of the message

HAVEN (off-campus)
24-hour crisis and support line: (248) 334-1274
Toll-free crisis line: (877) 922-1274

What to do if a student has been assaulted

Step 1: Care

  • Care for the Student
    • Listen without judgment
    • Avoid questions that imply fault
    • Offer your support

“I’m sorry this happened. Thank you for telling me.”

Step 2: Connect

“There are a number of places you can reach out to for more information and support.”

Step 3: Contact

  • Contact the Dean of Students or the OUPD 
    • You must report the incident for follow-up and tracking purposes.
    • Sexual misconduct reportedly by a faculty or staff member will continue to be investigated in accordance with other applicable University policies, please refer to Administrative Policies and Procedures Nos. 710 and 711.

“I have an obligation to notify the University. I want to assure you that this means someone will reach out to you to offer assistance, reporting options and resources.”

What to do if you or a faculty/staff member is assaulted

If you or another faculty/staff member has been the victim of sexual misconduct, please contact:

Nancy Schmitz, Dean of Students (Interim Title IX Coordinator)
Vandenberg Hall, Room 120
(248) 370-3352

Mike Wadsworth, Assistant Dean of Students (Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
Vandenberg Hall, Room 120
(248) 370-3352

General Contact Information

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Assistant Dean of Students
120 Vandenberg Hall
(248) 370-3352

Interim Title IX Coordinator
Dean of Students 
120 Vandenberg Hall 
(248) 370-3352

Oakland University Police Department (OUPD)

Dial 911 (campus phone) or (248) 370-3331 (cell phone).

Send a text message to 67283. Include “OUPD” at the beginning of the message.

The OUPD has officers specifically trained to work with students and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week