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Social Work
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Faculty Publications and Honors

Our department is proud to recognize professional accomplishments and honor excellence among its faculty. The department recognizes our faculty publications and outstanding faculty achievements in teaching, scholarship, service and mentoring with four annual awards. 

Recent Faculty Publications

Kruse, J. A. & El-Khoury, H. (2022). A poverty simulation to enhance nursing student knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward people living in poverty. Nursing Form, 57(5), 851-859.

In press. Tonui, Betty C., & Mitschke, D. B. “We still keep our culture to stay alive”: Acculturation and  Adaptation among Resettled Young Adult Refugees from Burma. Accepted by the Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work.

In press. Becker, Jacob H. “Within-Neighborhood Dynamics: Disadvantage, Collective Efficacy, and Homicide Rates in Chicago.” Social Problems.

2021. Henri Gooren, "The Mennonitization of the Mass Media in Paraguay."  Exchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context 50 (2): 128-152.

2021. Reger, Jo. Gender and Social Movements. Polity Press.

2021. Condron, Dennis J., Douglas B. Downey, and Megan Kuhfeld.  "Schools as Refractors: Comparing Summertime and School-Year Skill Inequality Trajectories." Sociology of Education 94(4):316-40.

2021. Anasti, Theresa. "Peer Involvement in Service Provision: How US Human Service Nonprofit Organisations Include Sex Workers as Organisational Staff." Culture, Health and Sexuality.

2021. Rabii, Watoii. “No Tough Guys Here?” Hybrid Masculinity in a Boxing Gym.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

2021. Johnson, Wendi L. and Peggy C. Giordano. “The Role of Marriage and Military Service in Crime Cessation:  Race, ‘The Respectability Package,’ and the Desistance Process.” Armed Forces & Society, 47(1), 106-125.

2020. Patrick Watson and Albert J. Meehan. "Two Modalities for Using Video in Analyses of On-Duty Police Violence" Routledge International Handbook of Interactionism. Dirk Von Lehm (Editor), Routledge.

2020. Lyons, Heidi A., and George Sanders. "Bridging Hinges: The Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values of Emerging Adults' Sexualities." Sexuality in Emerging Adulthood, edited by E. M. Morgan and M. H. M. van Dulmen. Oxford University Press.

2020. Carroll, Jon W. “sUAS Multispectral Survey of the Historical Landscape of Chateau de Balleroy, Normandy, France.”  International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, 11(4), pp 64-78.

2020. Fiori, K. L., Rauer, A. J., Birditt, K. S., Brown, E., & Terri Orbuch. “You aren’t as close to my family as you think: Discordant perceptions about in-laws and risk of divorce.” Research in Human Development, 17(4), 258-273.

2020. Sanders, George and Heidi Lyons. “The Sagacity of the Surround: The Casual Sex-Assemblages of Young Adults.” Sexualities.

2020. Tonsing, Kareen N. & Vungkhanching, M. “The relationship between post-migration living difficulties, social support and psychological distress of Burmese refugees in the United States.” Asian American Journal of Psychology, 11(3), 179-186.

2020. Kaiser, Angie A. “Muslim Civic Engagement in Metropolitan Detroit: Motivating Forces and Challenges.” Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work, 39 (3), 275-298.




Recent Faculty Honors

Our department is proud to honor excellence among its faculty with these awards.


  • Teaching Award: Dennis Condron
  • Scholarship Award: Betty Tonui
  • Service Award: Jon Carroll
  • Mentoring Award: Terri Orbuch


  • Teaching Award: Watoii Rabii
  • Scholarship Award: Theresa Anasti
  • Service Award: Maria Beam
  • Mentoring Award: Heidi Lyons


  • Teaching Award: Jacob Becker
  • Scholarship Award: Lori Burrington
  • Service Award: Angie Kaiser
  • Mentoring Award: Graham Cassano


  • Teaching Award: Maria Paino
  • Scholarship Award: Matt May
  • Service Award: Amanda Burgess-Proctor
  • Mentoring Award: Jo Reger 


  • Teaching Award: Jon Carroll       
  • Scholarship Award: Kareen Tonsing         
  • Service Award: Heidi Lyons
  • Mentoring Award: Terri Orbuch


  • Teaching Award: Suzanne Spencer-Wood
  • Scholarship Award: Erin Comartin & Maria Paino
  • Service Award: Jacob Becker & Scott Smith
  • Mentoring Award: Dennis Condron


  • Teaching Award: Lori Burrington
  • Scholarship Award: Heidi Lyons
  • Service Award: Amanda Burgess-Proctor
  • Mentoring Award: Suzanne Spencer-Wood


  • Teaching Award: Heidi Lyons
  • Scholarship Award: George Sanders
  • Service Award: Ray Liedka


  • Teaching Award: Graham Cassano
  • Scholarship Award: Dennis Condron & Jo Reger
  • Service Award: George Sanders & Scott Smith


  • Teaching Award Scott Smith