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Student and Faculty Awards

The department recognizes outstanding student achievements in scholarship and leadership with three annual awards, described below. All department majors are eligible for these awards, which are presented each spring at the department's annual awards luncheon.

The Laura Robinson Kuzniar Memorial Student Award honors student(s) exhibiting compassion and dedication to helping people and promoting a more just and fair society.

The Donald I. Warren Memorial Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement honors the student(s) exhibiting the greatest intellectual growth and commitment to academic excellence.

The Student Paper Award honors outstanding student-authored research paper(s) in Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, or Criminal Justice.

The Student-Faculty Research Collaboration Award honors a research collaboration between a Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work or Criminal Justice instructor and student. Submissions can come from the faculty member in the Soc/An/SW/CJ department who has collaborated on a research project with a student, or can be nominated by another faculty member. Please upload a paper describing the details of the student-faculty research.

Criteria for Selection

Student award application materials are to be submitted electronically.

All application materials are due by March 19th.

To nominate yourself or someone else for the Kuzniar and Warren awards, please upload a statement of support (approximately 1 page in length) outlining why the nominee is deserving of the award. Please note that the Warren award requires a faculty letter of support.

To submit an entry for the Student Paper Award, please upload a student-authored paper meeting the following criteria:

  • Must have been written for a Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, or Criminal Justice class in the previous calendar (not academic) year.
  • Must be a minimum of 5 pages in length
  • Must be a research or application paper
  • Must include the COURSE NUMBER and PROFESSOR that the paper was written for on the first page

Student Award Recipients


Faculty Student Collaboration: Prof. Maria Beam and Regina Murray; Prof. Terressa Benz and Inara Ramazanova
Warren Award: Lydia Danks
Kuzniar Award: Laura Gemellaro
Student Paper Award: Felicity Reeve


Kuzniar Award: Megan Adam
Student Paper Awards: Anna Scott and Janie Geagan
Scherer Award: Armani Jamison
Warren Award: Dalia Ali-Khan

  • Kuzniar Award: Christopher Merchant & Chelsea Holmes
  • Warren Award: Jared Barnett
  • Student Paper Award: Hannah Wilson & Adrianna St. George
  • Kuzniar Award: Tyler Maddock & Travis Harrington
  • Warren Award: Allison Mercer
  • Student Paper Award: Bianca Kallabat & Lisa Holtz & Lisa Ball
  • Kuzniar Award: Tiara Cruz
  • Warren Award: Sandy Hanna & Susan Mickhail
  • Student Paper Award: Kayla Jones & Kristin Seitz
  • Kuzniar Award: Theresa Wright
  • Warren Award: Kaitlin Yarbrough
  • Student Paper Award: Allison Mercer & Anna Tori & Jennifer Gifford
  • Kuzniar Award: Audra Balcarcel
  • Warren Award: Farha Hanif & Amanda Sosnowski
  • Student Paper Award: Marcella Bolen
  • Kuzniar Award: Emily Hubenka
  • Warren Award: Alaina Bur
  • Student Paper Award: Alaina Bur & Grace Smith
  • Kuzniar Award: N/A
  • Warren Award: Ryan Fluker
  • Student Paper Award: Elena Durnbaugh & Meghan Tripp
  • Kuzniar Award: N/A
  • Warren Award: James Van Nada
  • Student Paper Award: Louise Haven
  • Kuzniar Award: Nathan Collins & Alana Nicolazzo
  • Warren Award: Christopher Urban & Michael Henson
  • Student Paper Award: Steven Knox
  • Kuzinar Award: N/A
  • Warren Award: Mazen Sarwar
  • Student Paper Award: Mary Schultz & Stephanie Paetzke
  • Kuzinar Award: N/A
  • Warren Award: N/A
  • Student Paper Award: Krysta Hand & Jennifer Rivera
  • Kuzinar Award:  Tara Forbes
  • Warren Award: Marlene Edge
  • Student Paper Award: Renee Blackburn & Alexa Frye
  • Kuzinar Award:  Allison Prell
  • Warren Award: Erica Sharon
  • Student Paper Award: Barbara Elliott & Ashley Phifer & Steph Turner
  • Kuzinar Award:  Kathryn Sanford
  • Warren Award: Ann Schrier  
  • Student Paper Award: Dan Davis
  • Kuzinar Award:  Carol George & Suzanne LaBlatt
  • Warren Award: Renee Blackburn

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