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Personal Training

Personal Training

Looking for extra motivation or want to take your workout to the next level? Try working with a personal trainer! Certified personal trainers are dedicated to helping individuals reach their health and fitness goals and make a regular exercise program a part of their daily life. Trainers can help design a plan that is right for everyone and can teach in safe and effective ways to exercise for improved overall fitness. Trainers will closely monitor your progress and along the way will provide the knowledge and tools to be comfortable and confident in any fitness setting.

Training is available for individuals, buddies and small groups. Visit the Rec Well Portal to select the right package and view pricing. Student and non-student member rates are available.

To request a trainer, email

Types of
Individual Personal Training
Work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer can make all the difference in your ability to reach your exercise goals. The accountability, motivation and education that a personal trainer will provide is a valuable tool in improving your overall health and wellness. Packages must be purchased in a minimum of 3 sessions. Students who are not enrolled in summer classes during summer semester will be charged non-student fees.

 3 Sessions7 Sessions10 Sessions
Non-Student Members$105$220$300

Buddy Personal Training
Grab a friend and work out together while a personal trainer leads you in exercises and helps to ensure perfect form and technique. You get the benefit of a training partner and personal trainer at a discounted price. If one buddy is missing during a session the session is still counted.

 3 Sessions7 Sessions10 Sessions
Non-Student Members$75/buddy$150/buddy$185/buddy

Group Personal Training
Designed for individuals who would like to hire a personal trainer but cannot afford the cost of individual sessions. Group Personal Training will meet twice weekly for five weeks. A minimum of 4 participants must be registered in order for the sessions to run. Interested parties must create their own groups.
 10 Session + Fitness Assessment
Non-Student Members$130/person
Registration is easy!
  • Email to request a trainer and receive a personal training registration packet.
  • The completed personal training registration packet and payment must be received before you will be scheduled with a certified personal trainer. The information provided by you will help your personal trainer develop a program specifically for you; therefore, it is important that you answer all questions honestly and your information will be kept confidential.
  • The completed registration packet can be returned either by email ( or at the Welcome Center.
  • Upon receipt of these materials, a member of our staff will contact you via email and/or phone within 72 hours to schedule your initial appointment.
  • The following forms must be signed and submitted before your program begins:
    • Personal Training Registration Form
    • Health History Questionnaire
    • Physician Clearance Form (if applicable)
      • NOTE: If you marked two or more of the statements in the CV Factors section on the Health History Questionnaire, you are required to have your doctor complete and fax the Physician’s Statement & Clearance Form to our office, Attn: Hailey Forbes at (248) 370-4889.
      • We MUST receive this form from the doctor’s office prior to scheduling your assessment/training sessions.
  • The initial package purchased includes a Fitness Assessment.
    • All paperwork and testing must be completed prior to the start of the first training session.
    • Any follow-up Fitness Assessments are $10 for students, $15 for non-student members.
  • Clients are assigned to trainers based on availability and any preferences if necessary.
    • The personal trainer and the client will agree to complete the sessions purchased.
    • Sessions will be scheduled at mutually convenient and agreed upon times.
Payment Policy:
  • Oakland University Recreation and Well-Being charges a fee for services rendered by personal trainers. All services can be purchased anytime throughout the year that the Welcome Center. Payment must be received before you will be scheduled for an assessment and/or session. Paying a personal trainer directly is strictly prohibited and membership privileges may be revoked if this occurs. Personal training packages are available for Rec Center members only.
Expiration & Refund Policy:
  • All training packages and sessions purchased expire one year from the date of purchase. Personal training sessions are void after this time period. All personal training packages are non-refundable and non-transferable except in cases of: termination of university employment; formal leave of absence and sabbaticals (documentation is required); changes in medical condition resulting in physical limitations (physician letter required).
Appointment Policies:
  • Session Time/Late Policy: All sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes and will end one hour from the scheduled start time. No-call, no-show appointments will be charged for the entire session. Personal Trainers will allow a 15-minute grace period for late arrival to a scheduled session. The personal trainer will only wait 15 minutes past the scheduled meeting time unless the participant has alerted the trainer of the expected tardiness. The trainer may or may not be able to extend the training session to make up the 15 minutes.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel or reschedule a training session, please notify your personal trainer by phone/email at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled start time. Appointments that are cancelled at the last minute will be issued one warning. Subsequent personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or cancelled at least 24 hours in advance by the client will result in forfeiture of the session. Emergency situations will be analyzed on an individual basis.
  • Buddy/Group Training Cancellation Policy: If one client cancels within 24 hours of a scheduled group session or is a no-call/no-show, the session may continue with the remaining client(s). The session will still count toward the package balance for each of the clients.
  • Renewal Packages: Following the completion of a package, as long as your trainer agrees to it, a new package can be purchased at the Welcome Center or online through the Rec Well Portal.
Preparing for your Fitness Assessment & Training Sessions:
  • Please wear athletic-style clothing. Shorts are preferred due to the body composition measurement on the thigh.
  • Drink plenty of fluids over the 24-hour period preceding the test to ensure normal hydration and avoid heavy meals, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing. You may have a small snack 30 minutes to 1 hour before testing
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity the day of & get an adequate amount of sleep (6-8 hours) the night before the test
Other Information:
  • You must adhere to all policies within the Recreation Center. This includes all policies regarding proper dress code and equipment usage.
  • An active membership is required to access the Recreation Center and you must have your ID or key fob. You must complete all sessions before your membership ends or you will have to purchase a membership to complete training.
  • If at any time the client and/or personal trainer are not satisfied with the services and/or relationship a new trainer, contact (248) 370-4911.

Fitness assessments are a great way to gather data about personal fitness levels and to aid in setting realistic fitness and health goals. Personalized exercise programs can be designed from assessment results.

Assessments include a health risk appraisal, body composition and fitness testing. All participants receive a printed report and results at the conclusion of the assessment. Visit the Rec Well Portal to register for a fitness assessment and view pricing.

A Fitness Assessment includes the following components:

  • Health Risk Appraisal
    • Your fitness assessment begins by completing a questionnaire about your overall health and wellness.
  • Body Composition & Fitness Testing
    • After completing the health risk appraisal, you will go through a series of tests to determine your overall physical health including:
      • Weight, height, body circumferences, resting blood pressure and heart rate, 3-site skinfold test, isometric bicep curl, sit-and-reach (flexibility), cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength tests. Fitness testing takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.
    • Participants will receive a printed report at the end of the session with results.
  • Preparing for Your Fitness Assessment: 
    • Please wear athletic-style clothing. Shorts are preferred due to the body composition measurement on the thigh. Drink plenty of fluids over the 24-hour period preceding the test to ensure normal hydration prior to testing Avoid heavy meals, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing. You may have a small snack 30 minutes to 1 hour before testing Avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity the day of the test Get an adequate amount of sleep (6-8 hours) the night before the test
  • Cost:
    • Students: $25
    • Non-Students Members:$30
    • *No call/no show for appointments will be assessed a $15 cancellation fee.
  • Appointment Times
    • Appointments are made based on availability.
    • To make an appointment call (248) 370-4911 or email