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Studying and Test-Taking

This section provides information about how to prepare for a test, from starting the studying process to test day.

What are the best ways to study?

When you sit down to study, what do you actually do? If you only take out a highlighter to underline sentences that seem important, you’re not getting the most out of your study time. This resource teaches you 5 effective study techniques you can try today!

How often should I study?

Shorter and consistent study sessions are more effective than studying the day before a test, and help you retain information. Make a habit of reviewing what you learned in class daily, reading textbook chapters, and testing your knowledge of the material.

How should I prepare for a test?

The more time you spend preparing in advance, the more confident you will be going into your exam. Create a study schedule with all of the test topics; then, use each day of your calendar leading up to the test to plan what you will study. Here’s an example of a study schedule for final exams.

What if I have test anxiety?

Experiencing feelings of anticipation and nervousness before an exam is common and expected. As you master effective study techniques, you will feel progressively more confident and less anxious. To discuss test anxiety and learn techniques to reduce it, schedule an appointment with a team member. Graham Counseling Center also has resources for academic support and stress, which can be found here.

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