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SA&D Scholarships

Student Affairs & Diversity offers scholarships that recognize the diversity, leadership and resilience of OU Students. Apply for these scholarships through the OU Annual Scholarship Tool. Below is a description of each scholarship.

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Cody Petzold Rainbow (CPR) Endowed Scholarship

The Cody Petzold Rainbow Endowed Scholarship was created to honor the memory of Cody Dylan Petzold, high-achieving scholar, student leader, mentor and proponent for equality. His enthusiasm and dedication inspired others and now through this scholarship, another passionate student leader can also make a positive difference at Oakland University, especially while promoting LGBTQ+ awareness.

Dr. Shakir Endowment for Stem Education

The Dr. Shakir Endowment for Stem Education promotes and provides financial support for University students pursuing a degree in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) related field and/or a health and healthcare related field. Preference is given to students, with demonstrated financial need, from the Detroit, Pontiac, Flint, Saginaw, Benton Harbor, or Battle Creek public school districts.

George and Sarah Preisinger Endowed Scholarship

The George and Sarah Preisinger Endowed Scholarship was created to help a student, with demonstrated financial need, that displays leadership skills, and/or volunteerism/community involvement

Golden Grizzly School Spirit Scholarship **

The Golden Grizzly School Spirit Scholarship was created by OU young alumni to recognize and award a scholarship to a current OU student. This student should exemplify exceptional school spirit, with preference given to students actively engaged in the Grizz Gang student organization.

** This is selected in Fall and awarded in the following Winter semester only.  Click here to apply now for the Golden Grizzly School Spirt Scholarship.

Harriet Nadine Agler Scholarship

Dr. Jeremy Agler has committed his career to developing people and the community. He believes that it is our duty to give back to the communities we live and work in and was inspired to create this scholarship because of the numerous faculty and staff that took a vested interest in him during his time at Oakland University. The scholarship, in his mother’s name, will be awarded to an OU student that is committed to making a difference in the community.

Hegelund Greek Life Scholarship

Judy and Bryan Hegelund believe strongly that their experience in Greek life shaped them as leaders. They want this scholarship to go to students who work hard and can balance their studies, work and Greek involvement. Emphasis will be placed on students in Greek life leadership positions who are able to balance work and maintain academic excellence.

Jaws Legacy Housing Endowed Scholarship

Friendships established in residence halls at Oakland over 40 years ago turned into a brotherhood that is now a multi-generational family. Jaws is a living example of the benefits of a college experience extending far beyond the classroom. The Jaws Legacy Housing Endowed Scholarship will reward an Oakland University student who lives on campus and is involved in campus life and activities.

Maria Kopicki Scholarship for Students Breaking Barriers & Perseverance

The Maria Kopicki Scholarship for Students Breaking Barriers & Perseverance is dedicated for students that demonstrate perseverance, whether during a challenging time or hurdle, or when a barrier was in the path to success and how they demonstrated endurance (bearing hardship, staying power) to excel.

Michael and Alexis Iveson Future - Through-Recovery Endowed Scholarship - 2019

The Michael and Alexis Iveson Future-Through-Recovery Endowed Scholarship was created to award a scholarship to a current OU Student who is in the process or has been personally affected by recovery from addiction, either their own or that of a family member. 

Student Housing Experience Scholarship

Do you think living on campus is one of the best experiences of OU? There were others that did too! There was a group that loved it so much that they started the Student Housing Experience Scholarship to share their love of Housing and the wonderful experiences it provides. This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student living on campus who highlights the positive impact that living on campus has had while attending OU.

Student Life Endowed Scholarship

This Student Life Endowed Scholarship targets actively engaged students residing in University Housing. Preference is given to students who are highly involved with student organizations, clubs, or other learning through their involvement as a student.

The Karen A. Spann Memorial Scholarship

The Karen A. Spann Scholarship was created to honor Karen A. Spann, mother of Morgan Spann who was an Oakland student from 2010-2013. Morgan lost his mother in eighth grade and did not have the saving motherly influence that so many have during their college years, and despite her absence, Morgan still found a way to make things work. This scholarship was established to assist a student who has lost a parent, sibling or close member of their immediate support team.

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