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Student Employment

In response to the University working remotely due to COVID-19 conditions, an exception process to allow student employees to also work remotely was created.  With the return to campus in the Fall of 2021, this exception process was discontinued. 

In general, student employees are expected to complete their job duties in person and on campus.  Those hired in positions where the job responsibilities have been routinely remote, will not be required to obtain separate remote work approval.  

VPN Access Request

As a supervisor, if you need your student employee to have VPN access to complete their job requirements, you must make that request separately.  Please use the appropriate request form as follows:


* Fall 2021 - Student Employment VPN Access Request Form

* Due to the return to campus expectations for Fall 2021, VPN access approvals will be extremely limited.  Student employees are expected to work in-person on campus, negating the need for VPN access.


Graduate Student VPN Access Request


UTS VPN Access Request

Please only make student VPN requests for critical business functions that can only be performed on OU's VPN access.  Examples of this would include access to Banner, Argos, Percussion, and shared drives.  Oakland email, virtual meetings and Moodle do not need VPN access. 

Division of Student Affairs & Diversity

We want each OU student to take full advantage of the rich array of student life opportunities such as student clubs, health and counseling services, free tutoring, outstanding residential and dining programs, study skills seminars, recreation and more!

You might ask: Why would I? — a busy student with family responsibilities, classes, a part-time job and social relationships — invest time to become involved in any of these activities outside the classroom? Because many of these programs will complement your studies and ultimately help you achieve greater academic and personal success in your life.

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