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SA&D Engagement Champions

Recipients of the "Engagement Champion" Recognition Award will be professional staff that demonstrate behaviors that support the creation of a culture of student engagement focused on the persistence, retention, and overall success of Oakland University Students.  Recipients should embody the mission, vision, and values of SA&D.

Nominated employees should exhibit the following behaviors

  • Engagement with students above and beyond tasks associated with daily responsibilities
  • Show a ‘students first’ attitude through service on committees or actions that make SA&D a more inclusive and equitable environment
  • Commitment to supporting students struggling with personal or academic issues
  • Demonstrated impact on creating a culture which enhances the student experience
  • Create, support or strengthen an environment of collaboration, communication, and community across the division
  • Display an effort to create procedures, services, facilities, programs and a general environment that is welcoming, efficient, and of exceptional quality to enhance student success

Nomination Process

  • Nominators should include detailed examples supporting the nomination via a Google form
  • The Professional Development Planning Committee will review and select recipients to be acknowledged at the next Division Professional Development Meeting.
  • Winners will be acknowledged at Division Professional Development Meeting and rewarded with a swag pack and a recognition luncheon with Glenn McIntosh.
Award Winners

May 2021
Emily Cutlip, Career Services
Bobbi Hayden, Office for Student Involvement
Daisy Holley, University Housing
Jill Tyus-Coates, Student Financial Services
Jamie Wilson, Office of the Registrar

March 2021
Reem Aabed, Undergraduate Admissions
Aura Cazares, Dean of Students
Charles Guzowski, Career Services
Myshia Liles-Moultrie, Center for Multicultural Initiatives
Clarisse Mikami, The Tutoring Center
Brittany Mitchell, University Housing
Christina Radowick, First Year Advising Center

November 2020
Kayla Jones, Undergraduate Admissions
Ruel Ramos, Oakland Center
Kelly Dorner, Career Services
Graham Health Center Employees (Nancy Jansen, Amy Gottschalk, Ann Rayford, Carin Smith, Carol Roekle, Karen Pfander, Kathryce Jones, Melissa Guertin, Molly Swiatowy, Nikki Clark, Renda Dawud, and Shannon Alfonsi)

January 2020
Kiley Kallenberger, Orientation and New Student Programs
Dale Kolnitys, University Recreation and Well-Being
Kevin McDougall, University Housing
Lori Szarama, Disability Support Services
Jason VanBuskirk, Oakland Center

November 2019
Bailey Adams, University Housing
Kaitlyn Barbas, Career Services
Jean Ann Miller, Office for Student Involvement
Grace Wojcik, Gender and Sexuality Center

July 2019
Zac Budrow, SA&D Information Technology
Kelli Foskic, Career Services
Doug Lalone, University Housing 
Lori Marsh, Student Affairs & Diversity
Mariah Mortellaro, Office for Student Involvement

March 2019
Amy Joa, Center for Multicultural Initiatives
Andrea Mill, Career Services
Rachel Stagman First Year Advising Center
Marie VanBuskirk, University Recreation and Well-Being

January 2019
Michele Applebee, University Housing
Bianca Bryant, First Year Advising Center
Xandra Coles, Oakland Center
Nick Desrochers, University Housing

November 2018
James Franklin, OU Counseling Center
Toby Kellk, OU Counseling Center
Amelie Lacoste, OU Counseling Center
Sally Malkim, OU Counseling Center
Laura Sanders, OU Counseling Center

David Schwartz, OU Counseling Center

September 2018
Omar Brown-El, Center for Multicultural Initiatives
Christie Gough, Disability Support Services
Lisa Hock, First Year Advising Center
Yoel Joa, Orientation and New Student Programs

August 2018
Jessie Hurse, Dean of Students Office
Lawanda Kitts, University Housing
Tracy Lauinger, Career Services
Gabby Sokol, University Recreation and Well-Being
Jim Zentmeyer, University Housing

Division of Student Affairs & Diversity

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