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Ben White

Headshot - BEN WHITE

Title: Special Instructor
Office: 654 Mathematics and Science Center
Email: [email protected]

My areas of specialization are metaphysics and philosophy of mind. My research focuses on the mind-body problem and the topics of mental causation and perceptual content. 

Temple University, 
Ph.D. in Philosophy, 2016

Temple University
M.A. in Philosophy, 2013

Guilford College
B.A. in Philosophy, 2010

“The Timing Problem for Dualist Accounts of Mental Causation”
Forthcoming in Erkenntnis.

“A Reductive Analysis of Statements about Universals”
Forthcoming in Synthese.

“Attention, Gestalt Principles, and the Determinacy of Perceptual Content”
2022. Erkenntnis. 87: 1133–1151.

“The Hard Problem Isn’t Getting Any Easier: Thoughts on Chalmers’ ‘Meta-problem’”
2021. Philosophia. 49: 495–506.

“Metaphysical Necessity Dualism”
2018. Synthese. 195: 1779–1798.

“The Realization of Qualia, Persons, and Artifacts”
2018. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. 99: 182–204.

“Conservation Laws and Interactionist Dualism”
2017. The Philosophical Quarterly. 67: 387–405.

Department of Philosophy

Mathematics and Science Center, Room 752
146 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4479
(location map)
(248) 370-3390
fax: (248) 370-3157