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BIO Learning Lounge

The BIO Learning Lounge is an inviting, safe space for all students taking any course offered by the Department of Biological Sciences. Our mission is to help you discover, engage and belong at OU, whether you are a freshman starting out or a senior about to graduate.

Students will have access to academic materials such as textbooks, computers and online resources to complete coursework.

With options to work with our graduate assistant, Isabella, and other peer mentors on staff, homework help is a breeze! As a study-motivated environment, this location encourages students to ask questions. They will work alongside mentors to deepen their understanding of concepts taught both inside and outside of the classroom.

While the Lounge is for academic support, we encourage students to use this space to connect with others. Students using the lounge will be given the chance to mingle with other biology students, create study groups or work independently, if desired.

Stop by to work with peer mentors or study independently, no appointment necessary!

FALL & WINTER Semesters
Hours of operation:
Monday 11-6
Tuesday 11-5
Wednesday 11-6
Thursday 11-5

Friday is open for student-professor meetings facilitated by the student - email your professor to set up a time that works for you!

166 Dodge Hall
118 Library Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309

What courses are covered by the BIO Learning Lounge?
BIO 1002: Human Biology
BIO 1200: Intro Biology 1
BIO 1300: Intro Biology 2
BIO 2100/2101: Human Anatomy + Laboratory
BIO 2600/2006: Human/Clinical Physiology
BIO 3140/3141: Histology + Laboratory
BIO 3232: Biochemistry
BIO 3340: Evolutionary Biology
BIO 3350: Animal Behavior
BIO 3400/3401: Genetics + Laboratory
BIO 3500: General Microbiology
BIO 4210: Molecular Biology
BIO 4400: Advanced Genetics

CHM 1440 + 1480: Intro Chem 1 + 2

CHM 2010: Intro to Organic + Biochemistry
CHM 2340: Organic Chemistry I

PHY 1010 + 1020 - General Physics 1 + 2

PHY 1080 + 1090 - Principles of Physics 1 + 2
PHY 1510 + 1610 - Intro Physics 1 + 2 (calc-based)

Please reference the schedule posted on the door for the current semester to know when you can come in for your specific course!

If you do not see your course code listed above and would like help, please stop by or email the Lounge ([email protected])! We are more than happy to assist you or find the necessary resources to help you with your coursework.

To ask questions or learn more about the Lounge, email [email protected] or call us at 248-370-2667.

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Department of Biological Sciences

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